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Seth Godin · 14h ago

Unrequested advice, insufficient data, unexplored objectives

Your ideas and your feedback are worth more than you know. But you might not be heard if you haven't been invited to chime in. And you'll waste everyone's time if you base your advice on you...
Seth Godin · 1d ago

Accessorials cost extra

{not a typo} In the trucking industry, they usually don't include the extra charges, unforeseen or not. "Accessorials" not included. Which often leads to surprise down the road for those tha...
Seth Godin · 2d ago

Mass personalization is a trap

Dear seth , Of course I could have sent you a personal letter. A direct 1:1 connection between you and me, thanking you for what you did, or letting you know about my new project, or asking ...
Seth Godin · 3d ago

Are you a genius?

In the latest episode of my podcast Akimbo, I riff about what it means to be a genius. Hint: You are one. PS more people are subscribing every day. It's short, free and sometimes fascinating...
Seth Godin · 4d ago

The difference between time and money

You can't save up time. You can't refuse to spend it. You can't set it aside. Either you're spending your time. Or your time is spending you.       
Seth Godin · 5d ago

The triumph of everyday design

Luxury goods used to be better. Better than the alternatives. The best-made clothing, the best saddle, the most reliable luggage. The top of the market was the place people who cared needed ...
Seth Godin · 6d ago

"You were right all along"

There's a hierarchy in the adoption of new techniques and approaches, particularly in the b2b setting: You were right all along: The thing you were waiting for is here. All of the cool kids ...
Seth Godin · 1w ago

The problem with forced rankings

What's the best college in the US? What about the best car? Best stereo speakers? Best pizza? The answer is always the same: It depends. People hate that. "It depends" puts you on the hook, ...
Seth Godin · 1W ago

Tactics without strategy is a scrum

When your timeline is an hour or a day, it's easy to get in the tactical groove. But repeat that hour after hour, day after day, and all you're making is a mess. This is bureaucracy run amok...
Seth Godin · 1W ago

Easier said than done

But at least you said it. It's a mistake to hesitate on the saying part. Because if you don't say it, it's unlikely to get done. Dreams, goals and projects don't require a likelihood of succ...