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Seth Godin · 1d ago

A point of view

That's the difference between saying, "what would you like me to do," and "I think we should do this, not that." A point of view is the difference between a job and a career. It's the differ...
Seth Godin · 1d ago

Rules for working in a studio

Don’t hide your work Offer help Ask for help Tell the truth Upgrade your tools Don’t hide your mistakes Add energy, don't subtract it Share If you're not proud of it, don't ship it Know the ...
Seth Godin · 2d ago

Where would we be without failure?

Failure (and the fear of failure) gives you a chance to have a voice.... Because failure frightens people who care less than you do.       
Seth Godin · 3d ago

Modern laziness

The original kind of lazy avoids hard physical work. Too lazy to dig a ditch, organize a warehouse or clean the garage. Modern lazy avoids emotional labor. This is the laziness of not raisin...
Seth Godin · 4d ago

The minimum critical mass

For your idea to spread, your app to go viral, your restaurant to be the place, it's likely you'll need to hit critical mass. This is a term from physics, describing the amount of plutonium ...
Seth Godin · 6d ago

The big squeeze

There are more truck drivers in the US than just about any other occupation. For a long time, unionized truck drivers benefitted from work rules, healthcare, vacations, etc. It wasn't an eas...
Seth Godin · 1w ago

Reading at work

Most organizations think nothing of having twenty valuable employees spend an hour in a meeting that's only tangentially related to their productive output. But if you're sitting at your des...
Seth Godin · 1w ago

How does the ball know?

"Follow through." That's the advice you'll hear in golf, in tennis and in baseball. That your follow through changes everything. But how can it? After all, the ball is long gone by the time ...
Seth Godin · 1W ago

Your soft skills inventory

The annual review is a waste. It's not particularly useful for employee or boss, it's stressful and it doesn't happen often enough to make much of an impact. If you choose to, though, you ca...
Seth Godin · 1W ago

The most important journeys come without a map

That's why we need to care enough to make assertions. We're taught to follow instructions, to avoid significant risk and to be good at compliance. The system prefers it that way, at least wh...