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Moments of Introspection · 3h ago

Sunday Stealing: Friday Questions

1. Have you ever tried to learn (or re-learn) a foreign language as an adult? Which one? What worked for you?  I took Spanish in college and wanted to re-learn as an adult.  I went through R...
Moments of Introspection · 22h ago

No Time For Detective Work! It's Bedtime.

Shelby has no idea why there is a piece of yellow plastic on the floor in front of her. She does not have time to play detective and figure out where it came from.  So, she would like me to ...
Moments of Introspection · 23h ago

Mama Works While Shelby Sleeps

I get up really early in the morning to get ready for work. Taking Shelby outside to go potty before I go to work is part of the daily routine.  Earlier this week, my husband sent me the fol...
Moments of Introspection · 2d ago

January Sunrise

I took this photo from the second floor of my office building on 18 January 2018.This photo does not truly capture the beauty of the sunrise.Photo (c)2018 Shannon G. Wamsley
Moments of Introspection · 23h ago

eCard of the Week #228: Our Friendship

I love that our friendship can survivenever keeping in touch!
Moments of Introspection · 4d ago

Snowy Blue Blanket

Shelby was not impressed with the cold, white stuff that was falling from the sky over the weekend.In the following photo she ran out long enough to pee and bark at everyone in town once.  T...
Moments of Introspection · 6d ago

Martin Luther King Jr Day 2018

No matter when you were born, and no matter where you were born or who you were born to, Martin Luther King Jr's words still have meaning. In today's world his words still ring true. Search ...
Moments of Introspection · 1w ago

Sunday Stealing: Conversation Starters

1. What are some small things that make your day better? Seeing my dog's happy face and wagging tail when I come home from a long day at work.  Talking to my loved ones. The smell of fresh b...
Moments of Introspection · 1w ago

Stuck In My Head: "Meant To Be" By Bebe Rexha

"Meant To Be"(with Florida Georgia Line)Baby, lay on back and relaxKick your pretty feet up on my dashNo need to go nowhere fast, let's enjoy right here where we atWho knows where this road ...
Moments of Introspection · 1W ago

Thoughts of Warmth

I am thinking of things to warm me up on this cold winter evening. One thing I enjoy putting on an over-sized sweat shirt to snuggle up in for warmth.  I also like sleeping with the fan on.....