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Moments of Introspection · 6h ago

The Last Hug

One year ago today, I gave my son the last hug I would ever give him. It was the last day I saw him in person. The last day we were in the same room together. I should have never left that d...
Moments of Introspection · 15h ago

Groot is Awesome

Yesterday, my husband gave me a new Groot for my Groot collection.This one is "Angry Groot", and is so cute!Here are a few of my Groot's.  
Moments of Introspection · 6d ago

In Loving Memory.....

In loving Memory of Richard Colt HazlettNovember 8, 1992 to March 10, 2016Photo (c)2016 Shannon G. WamsleyTeddy Bears & Ribbon (c) Kristy Scraps
Moments of Introspection · 2d ago

Queen Shelby is a Chair Thief

Queen Shelby is a Chair Thief!  But since she is so cute, I don't mind. :)Photo (c)2017 Shannon G. Wamsley
Moments of Introspection · 5d ago

eCard of the Week #179: Nothing Ruins A Friday Like...

Nothing ruins a Friday like realizingit's only Wednesday.
Moments of Introspection · 6d ago

Happy Valentine's Day To Those That Celebrate....

Personally I do not like Valentine's Day and I think it is a bullshit holiday. Every store you go to displays Valentine related stuff in your face. Advertisements, cards, treats, gifts and m...
Moments of Introspection · 6d ago

Shelby AKA The Bed Invader

Last Saturday, at bedtime, Shelby decided to invade my bed.So I took the opportunity to take a few photos of her! :) Photos (c)2017 Shannon G. Wamsley
Moments of Introspection · 1w ago

Sunday Stealing: The Disappearing Questions

1. Last movie you saw in a theater? I don't remember. I have not been to a theater in a few years.2. What book are you reading? I just finished reading "The Collector" by Nora Roberts3. Favo...
Moments of Introspection · 1W ago

Big Creek By Pint & A Half

I was born and raised not too far from Sam A. Baker State Park and spent a lot of time there.Also, Big Creek ran by my house.  My brother, cousins and I played in and around that creek every...
Moments of Introspection · 1W ago

11 Months Ago....

Eleven months ago today... Eleven long months....Colt left this world.And it still feels like it happened today.And one year ago, Colt was on Day 3 of Chemo.I miss you Colt so very much. I l...