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Shantybellum · 2M ago

Visions of Home 3: A Stroll through Downtown Natchez

Shantybellum · 3M ago

A Child's Drawings from 1883

My mother had a large cedar chest where she kept all our report cards, newspaper clippings...
Shantybellum · 4M ago

Versace: Good Will Ambassador

Jane Stubbs Pug Pillow  To purchase, go here.So this morning, my mail lady knocked on the door to deliver a certified letter. The dog was going nuts, so I asked her to step inside so it wouldn't get out."Girl or a boy?" she asked."Girl.""What is her ...
Shantybellum · 4M ago

Hiding Out in Clarksdale

After the mandatory six-month waiting period, the date my divorce was to be finalized was ...
Shantybellum · 5M ago


All around the citysparrows fell. Pigeons lay like litterin the streets.That's what it too...
Shantybellum · 6M ago

For Tommy

How do you thank a lucky star 1for sending you what 2thought you'd never find? 3  Where do you send a note of thanks 4when you've never believed there 5was anyone to send it to? 6  No one to...
Shantybellum · 6M ago


An early memory. Ribbonsof smoke curlingpast the lamp.Gin and tonicand lipstick on the glassand laughter.You, slender as a reed,fraught with a need
Shantybellum · 8M ago

Summertime Eats

                                   (Photo by Elodie Pritchartt)This is one of the easiest,...
Shantybellum · 8M ago

Knick-Nack Paddy Whack

I ran across this post when looking at some old Facebook posts.  It was 2010, and I was living with my dad in the country.So yesterday I get up to let the dog out to go potty. Usually when s...
Shantybellum · 8M ago

Waiting for Gustav

Saturday morning 1and the sky 2is gentle blue 3Has it been 4only three years