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Shantybellum · 1W ago

The Weight of Water

The wind whispers secrets soon tobe revealed.  Pushes him along.There is no cure.He shuffles. Small steps. Unsurefor the first time
Shantybellum · 1M ago

Suicide is Painless

People will go to any lengths for fame, won't they? In the May, 1800 edition of a Natchez Newspaper, Thomas Thackwood advertized his upcoming public suicide by pistol -- one shot for the abdomen and another for the brain (his own, that is), promising...
Shantybellum · 1M ago

The Phantom of Kingston Road

The first time I noticed him it was the holidays – I can’t remember if it was Thanksgiving...
Shantybellum · 2M ago

Falling Leaves

Perhaps it would be better if I don’t speak.Reflect the silence back into the water,listen...
Shantybellum · 2M ago

So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night...

I bet I've lost over 35 friends and parents of friends in the last ten years.  Sometimes it seems as though I have more dead friends than live ones.  And this past week, I lost a really spec...
Shantybellum · 2M ago

In a Hollow Space

A Hollow Space By Elodie Pritchartt"The big sweetgum by the front gate finally died." Ever...
Shantybellum · 3M ago

The Forest in Fall

She walks in dappled brown.The trees, emboldened intheir bare embrace,reach down, carressher freckled frownfrom their anchoredheights to touch her faceA pile of tiny bones,ivory needles in forgottenthreads. Smallamong the roots and acorns put away,p...
Shantybellum · 3M ago

Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove: A Ghost TaleAll around the old place,the dead
Shantybellum · 3M ago

More on South-West by a Yankee - Treatment of Slaves 1835

A description of Natchez, written in 1835 by Joseph Holt Ingraham.Offered without comment:...
Shantybellum · 3M ago

Cocodrie Bayou

I drive through milesof cotton fields.White tufts eruptfrom bollslike butterfliesfrom coco...