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Sharing Shadymont · 6d ago

Some Great Good Will Decor Items

After tomorrow, we can take down our Valentine's Day decor, and put something else.  I'm not sure what I will use.  I think Easter is April 1st, so I'll wait a little longer to put out the E...
Sharing Shadymont · 2W ago

Valentine's Day Decor

I decided to do a little valentine's decorating today, mostly in the living and dining room.The mantel was easy, I only added a few items and a banner to the mirror. 
Sharing Shadymont · 3W ago

A Chair for My Bedroom, and Good Will Finds

I have found several nice things lately, some from Good Will and some from consignment, and I actually bought a NEW chair for my bedroom.It's more blue than it shows in the photos.  I found ...
Sharing Shadymont · 1M ago

Make a Mantel for a Small Heater

This week as I was in Good Will I found a tall, narrow skinny table.  It had seen better days, but was sturdy and around $8.00.  I used white chalk paint to paint it.Then at a consignment sh...
Sharing Shadymont · 1M ago

Let's Make It French

Yesterday, I introduced you to my 'new' table that I placed in the foyer.  One day later it has been moved over some, and the top has been made to look more French.Before:Not bad, but I deci...
Sharing Shadymont · 1M ago

Yesterday's Good Will Finds

I was browsing through Good Will yesterday (Sr. Discount Day) when this lovely table was brought onto the floor.  I looked at it at $24.95 and knew I wanted it, but in my "new" situation, I'...
Sharing Shadymont · 1M ago

Winter Decor

I've been busy lately, and my blogging has suffered.  I've had lots of paperwork to go through, and we made a trip to see my grandson and his wife.  We had such a wonderful time, lots of goo...
Sharing Shadymont · 1M ago

Life Goes On

I went to bed before 9 last night with the intention of watching the latest episodes of "A Place to Call Home"  (Acorn TV).  Maybe 15 minutes into it, I was falling asleep, so I turned off t...
Sharing Shadymont · 2M ago

The Master of My Own Suite

Had anyone told me less than a week ago that I would be getting divorced, I would have declared them a liar, yet that is what is going on in my life at the present time.  No warning, no reas...
Sharing Shadymont · 2M ago

Christmas Tour Part II

This is part II of the Christmas decor at Shadymont.  First, the guest bed room.  I changed it completely this year, to red. The fall comforter was switched out to this white one, then I add...