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shift happenz · 1M ago

"Insanity of God" Showing for third day fresno!

Special Showing of The "Insanity of God" Day , June 4 for third day fresno.Special Day, Special Place!Invite a special friend and enemy.To celebrate our showing of the "The Insanity of God,"...
shift happenz · 10M ago

Carlos Vasquez

Here are some of the links, in the follow up to out great morning with Carlos Vasquez.  I sent his email address out in a church facebook messageHis movie:NY Times Review page of the movie:R...
shift happenz · 10M ago

moonwalking birds, alcoholic monkeys, fish with two..uh...Anyway, we started a 56-year series on Isaiah

I love our tribe.Today's  open source  ( or is it "open sores"?..see this) conversation on the practical spiritual application of some of these "world's weirdest" animals was great:Here's th...
shift happenz · 10M ago

Ken Adams Homegoing Service

Slideshow of Keltic Ken's  life, shown at his homegoing:Mary Kathryn's song "Tehillah" from the slideshow: Here's Ken interviewing Mary Kathryn about the song.Also there, hear his interview ...
shift happenz · 10M ago

Invisible Gorillas and Unbroken Zamperinis

Great time today!I love our tribe.  One never knows what's going to happen.For example, prayer time for Cher. Here are the videos we showed:1)videos related to the "Invisible Gorilla" test f...
shift happenz · 10M ago

"Love Costs Everything," film of worldwide persecution of Christians, shown Nov 30

Join us Sunday November 30 for a free showing of  "Love Costs Everything," the  powerful, acclaimed film about persecution of Christians around the world.Sun 11/30 , 10:10 am in the New Cre...
shift happenz · 10M ago

6/22/14 --First annual St.Kathleen Bergin Green Day: pissing against the wall, banshee screaming, singing with the damned, elevator subversion, Matt 19:-20:16 and capuchin monkeys

Kathleen Bergin Green came all the way from the Bronx to be with us today...or something like that.It was an honor to hear about herLaundromat Love ministry..and pray over her  (above)..Back...
shift happenz · 10M ago

5/25: Matthew 17/videos from today

Bart Ehrman on Colbert "Contradictions in the Bible?":The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cBart
shift happenz · 10M ago

5/11/14 British vicars

two videos from todayThanks to Scott Jones for this one: -
shift happenz · 10M ago

5/18/14: Nostril Dectet, My second favorite rock, and End Times

soundtrack to today's prayertime was this David Ruis CD: