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Shits & Giggles · 8h ago

Twofer Twosday: Happy Birthday JLH! And Mount Rackmore!

Here's to the twins that got this whole journey started way back when.  The Queen Mother of all First Ladies, she's like our Martha Washington, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks and Loretta Lynn ...
Shits & Giggles · 2d ago

It's Friday.. Time Get Yer Flannel On!!

Top buttons?  We don't need no stinkin' top buttons!!!  
Shits & Giggles · 1w ago

Twofer Twosday: I Know... I'm Going Straight To Halle!!

For the record, the Grand Boobah of Shitz n' Giggles hereby declares that Halle Berry just may be the most beautiful woman in the world from forehead to chin!  And she ain't so bad from chin...
Shits & Giggles · 1W ago

Who Wants To Make Flannel Fridays a Thing?

Swimsuits, sure.  Lingerie, okay.  But dress a lady up in flannel and I'll take that any day of the week.., so why not on Friday? Happy Flannel Friday, ya fuks!
Shits & Giggles · 2W ago

Twofer Twosday: OffTo Bollywood To Meet Asha

I don't even have an intro this morning because the only thing Wikipedia says about her is that she is known mostly for being the cousin of Manju Saini, whoever the fuk that is.  She is an a...
Shits & Giggles · 2W ago

Soopah Bowl Recap: Roger That!

I was one of them.  And I wasn't alone.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were going full tilt with haters posting hilarious memes and fans posting gloom and doom.  But my wife...  at 28-3, s...
Shits & Giggles · 2W ago

MessFest 2017: And I Will Bring You Beer

You shall cross the frozen ice pond,but you shall not die of thirstYou shall try to find your warm friendsThough you do not know the wayYou shall call a fukkin' taxi and to the Spoke you go....
Shits & Giggles · 2W ago

Annual Pre-Soopah Bowl Dudes Weekend... Let the MessFest begin!

Gettin' my game face on for 48 hours of buddies and beers up at Captain Billy's house at the lake.  Crockpot Chili and Devil Dogs for dinner chasin' Budweiser appetizers cuz that's how a bun...
Shits & Giggles · 3W ago

Twofer Twosday: Kim Guilfoyle of Fox News

Happy last Twosday in January ya hahd ons!  5 more Twosdays of winter and something like 10 more Twosdays till sundresses and tube tops! Kim Guilfoyle certainly puts the fox in Fox News!  An...
Shits & Giggles · 3W ago

Jesus Christ... It Ain't About Religion!!

Today's history lesson comes to you courtesy of the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. If you are gonna raise hell about Trump's executive order on ...