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Shits & Giggles · 2d ago

Harvard Blacks Had Their Own Commencement - Because Personal Responsibility Is Not The Road To Success??

In case you missed it yesterday, Harvard University celebrated a first; odd for the oldest university in the country to have any more firsts left.  It's actually difficult to believe this ba...
Shits & Giggles · 2d ago

Twofer Twosday: Natasha Henstridge In The House

Tis a wonderful day for the twins... and Natasha Henstridge is happy to oblige.  You probably have never heard of Natasha unless you are a fan of Canadian B listers with starring roles in sc...
Shits & Giggles · 5d ago

Click Click Flannel! PULL!

Just cuz.....
Shits & Giggles · 1W ago

Twofer Twosday: Laura Pausini - She's Italian. That's All I Know

Today, Laura Pausini is turning 43.  Yep, you've never heard of her.  Neither had I until I Googled famous birthdays on May 16.  She's an Italian pop singer with a pair of pipes that would k...
Shits & Giggles · 1W ago

Flannel Goes Well With Rifles (So Do Yoga Pants)

Because sometimes on a Friday, you need to put the scope on your bolt action .22 and go shoot stuff.OR... if your flannel shirt is in the wash and you can always throw on some yoga pants for...
Shits & Giggles · 2W ago

Twofer Twosday: Meghan Hardin's Double Bogies!!

And I thought Natalie Gulbis had mastered the golf club behind the shoulders pose.  Oh, I was wrong.  Meghan Hardin plain fukkin' KILLS that pose.  But who is Meghan Hardin, you ask.  From n...
Shits & Giggles · 2W ago

The Truth About Pre-Existing Conditions Under the GOP Bill

Coming to a Unicef collection box near you, the fly dotted faces of the uninsured and the sad, vacant stares of those with pre-existing conditions who are going to be cornholed by the GOP he...
Shits & Giggles · 2W ago

May The Flannel Be With You

Everywhere I looked- storm troopers, wookies, jajas and binks yesterday.  Now that all that nonsense of Star Wars Day is behind us, let's get back to some fahkin' flannel!!!And who better on...
Shits & Giggles · 3W ago

Twofer Twosday: Happy Birthday Christina Hendricks!

With every Google image search, Christina Hendricks moves up the Twosday rankings at SnG.  In fact, as of this morning, I'm rankin' her at the top of the mountains.  She has a classic beauty...
Shits & Giggles · 3W ago

Happy Friday Fukkers! Get Yer Flannel Here!

It's gonna reach the 80's today in the sixohthree.  But it's never too warm for flannel!!Happy Friday, ya fukkers!!!