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Shits & Giggles · 3W ago

Feeding on Pumpkin Spice, the North American Douche population rising.

You can usually spot them in pairs, although they are also known to travel in groups as large as five or six, lugging backpacks and oozing pretentiousness.  The females wear yoga pants, Uggs...
Shits & Giggles · 3W ago

Twofer Twosday: Summer's Over. Time To Get Out of the Pool.

It's Twosday.  I believe you know Lindsey Pelas?  I'll just leave this here:Lindsey PeffercornA post shared by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on Aug 27, 2017 at 11:52am PDT A still shot.  Cuz you k...
Shits & Giggles · 1M ago

Twofer Twosday: Brandi Passante of Storage Wars

I'm just gonna leave these here.  Apparently, I am missing out by not watching Storage Wars.  This is Brandi Passante.  I don't know what she does on the show.  Does it matter?
Shits & Giggles · 1M ago

What About The Racist History of the Detroit Tigers???

The ever weird and often opportunistic Dr. Strange, aka Sox owner John Henry, grandstanded this week talking about the need to change the name of Yawkey Way outside Fenway Park because he is...
Shits & Giggles · 1M ago

Twofer Wenzday: Lacey Chabert Must Have Pissed Off Hollywood

Mind fart yesterday.  Spent the morning editing pictures for a friend and totally fukkin' forgot it was Twosday.  Shirkin' my primary job duty, I failed you.  And for that, I am deeply sorry...
Shits & Giggles · 1M ago

Twofer Twosday: Padma is all over Boston news

She pissed off the Teamstahs because her show Top Chef hired non-union drivers for episodes airing in Boston in 2014.  The Departed wannabes tried strong-arming and threatening Padma Lakshmi...
Shits & Giggles · 1M ago

Twofer Twosday: Taking the Easy Road with Christina Hendricks

I am lacking creativity this morning.  Maybe because some asshole on the news just said there are 20 weeks until Christmas.  Fuk him!!  Anyhoos... I'm a little late for work, so enjoy your m...
Shits & Giggles · 1M ago

They Can't Win Every Season, So Why Not Root For Them To Lose This Year??

Just look at this asshole!Yes, it is true.  I have willfully and woefully neglected my responsibilities in providing you with the greatest fukkin' sports coverage this side of the Hudson tow...
Shits & Giggles · 1M ago

Twofer Twosday: Alexandra Daddorio in a movie with Kate Upton!!

The Shitz n' Giggles Division of the Academy of Motion Pictures has announced its first nominee for 2017 Best Picture, even though the movie will not be in theaters until next week.  TfT ico...
Shits & Giggles · 2M ago

Twofer Twosday: It's Wendy Williams Birthday - She's 53

So... I know they're enhanced.  But J. Harold Christ, how can anyone watch her show and pay any attention to without being hypnotized into a tittie trance?  Ya know what they say... if you'r...