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shopcinderellamoments · 6d ago

Half Scale Custom Dollhouse: La Maison de Campagne

I don't do many half scale(1/24) dollhouses. But a commission request came in from Don to turn La Maison de Campagne into a smaller version and I decided to give it a go!Something I like to do is get purchased elements to keep me in scale. For this p...
shopcinderellamoments · 1W ago

Eliz Cottage Custom Dollhouse

My latest commission was a custom dollhouse for Eliz in Australia.  She wanted a mix of old world cottage style with a fresh clean look to it. The house is 20 3/4" tall x 16 1/4" deep x 13" across.The door is a soft ballet pink with gold accents and ...
shopcinderellamoments · 2W ago

The Jolly Gingerbread Custom Dollhouse

The Jolly Gingerbread Dollhouse is ready to ship to it's new owner!The house is 20" tall x 14 1/2" across x 15"deep.I did the walls as I always do- covered with plaster. But for this house I tried not to smooth things out too much. I used 3 different...
shopcinderellamoments · 3W ago

Jolly Gingerbread House Custom Dollhouse

I'm still here!  After taking a week's vacation and filling tons of commission orders I've found a little time to blog!My next commission is a traditional gingerbread dollhouse. I've made one gingerbread dollhouse before-years ago.  The candy and tri...
shopcinderellamoments · 2M ago

A Gift From Carolyn!

This has been such a busy time building dollhouse after dollhouse.  In the mist of all the construction, came a lovely surprise from Carolyn Robbins of Warm Heart Bears.  It's Octavia!Carolyn contacted me and told me she had made me a gift.  The pack...
shopcinderellamoments · 2M ago

Bienvenue Cottage Custom Dollhouse

Bienvenue Cottage is a custom dollhouse I just finished.  This one is all white and grays. This house is 20  1/4" tall x 15" deep x 12 3/4" across. The exterior is a combination of plaster and concrete.
shopcinderellamoments · 2M ago

Petit Bonheur Custom Dollhouse

I loved "In Tatters" dollhouse so much I decided to do another design very similar but bigger. This one is called "Petit Bonheur" custom dollhouse. The house has many different types of fini...
shopcinderellamoments · 3M ago

Carriage House Custom Dollhouse

Carriage House is one of my French style little cottage with that flat topped roof and mismatched dormers. This one is the perfect backdrop for shabby chic furnishings. This house is 19 7/8" tall x 15" deep x 12 3/4" across. Interior downstairs space...
shopcinderellamoments · 3M ago

Dollhouse Shabby Chic Dining Room Set

I'm always looking for brand new things to do and challenge myself. So I finally did the d...
shopcinderellamoments · 3M ago

In Tatters Custom Dollhouse

I called this newest dollhouse "In Tatters".  It's another shabby chic style. This one has a little terrace to sip your morning coffee. I love the French style number above the door. They are Tim Holtz in the scrapbook area.