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Shopping sharing with you my shopping exprience

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Shopping · 3d ago

Abalone Yee Sang this CNY

Happy Chinese New Year to friends and readers that are celebrating. It's a happening CNY this 2018, it's because I did online shopping at 11 Street. I bought Yee Sang set which comes with 2 ...
Shopping · 2W ago

Kotori – The Ultimate Homemade Bakery

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Kotori’?A feminine Japanese given name or a famed manga artist of Pink Innocent, Kotori Momoyuki? Now, the name brings another new meaning (...
Shopping · 2W ago


Shopping · 1M ago

Watsons Brand Switch.Save.Win Contest

Happy Sunday to dear friends and readers, thanks for coming by my blog. It's raining outside now and just got some time off for blog it to share with you about the Watsons  Brand Switch.Save...
Shopping · 1M ago


Always on the go as I am busy mom of two boys, yeah glad to have the lip balms by side to use.
Shopping · 1M ago

Social Media Screening: The New Norm for Finding Potential Job Candidates

With how transparent social media is now making our lives, recruiters have now started making the shift in the ways that they screen employees who are trying to get jobs at their companies...
Shopping · 1M ago

Season of Bloom at Watsons Cosmetics Fair!

 Last Sunday afternoon, I went to Watsons at Sunway Pyramid for the Season of Bloom at Watsons Cosmetics Fair! Get to see that the day there's a special demo show by Stevensunny, celebrity ...
Shopping · 1M ago

Online Grocery Shopping for Chinese New Year

Being mom of two boys, I am always on the go and has to fetch my kids from school also send son for tuition. Busy parenting didn't stop me from shopping groceries, online shopping is conveni...
Shopping · 2M ago

Colgate Naturals Brings Healthier Smiles to Malaysians, Inspired by Nature

Being mom of two boys with busy lifestyle, I never forget the important of oral care. The Colgate Naturals are suitable for kids 7 years old and above. Having provided quality and innovativ...
Shopping · 2M ago

‘Her World Best Home Cook 2017’ contest

 It's a beautiful Tuesday, later going to send my son for tuition. Last Saturday indeed a fruitful day as there's Tefal Carnival at SACC in Shah Alam. There's also ‘Her World Best Home Cook ...