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Shot In The Dark · 1h ago

A Tale Of Two Knees

SCENE:  Mitch BERG walks into Sluggo’s, a sports bar on University [1].  NFL games are on on six big-screen TVs around the room.  Around five, there are small, dilatory groups watching games...
Shot In The Dark · 7h ago

Profiles In Courage

A flyer circulated by “Anti”-Fa protesters at Berkeley: The people in black suits with gas masks are “the most vulnerable”.  Ayep.
Shot In The Dark · 7h ago


Being able to disagree is a dying art – and a vital one: To say the words, “I agree” — whether it’s agreeing to join an organization, or submit to a political authority, or subscribe to a re...
Shot In The Dark · 7h ago

Why Do Blue States Hate Blue States (And Territories) So Much?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails: Why Puerto Rico is still without power, and will be for a long time.  Money quotes: “The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, known as PREPA, is unable to ...
Shot In The Dark · 1d ago

The North Loop Is Burning!, Part V: You Broke It, Strib. You Fix It.

Last week, I wrote a bunch of pieces on an editorial that appeared in the Strib the weekend before last. The Strib complained about the growing street crime – in particular about the consequ...
Shot In The Dark · 1d ago


Andrew Klavan finds pretty much the entire left in Jimmy Kimmel. Read the whole thing – but the conclusion does, well, conclude things pretty well: Kimmel doesn’t matter. He’s just another h...
Shot In The Dark · 1d ago

In Other Words, The Status Quo

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails: Powerline discusses income inequality.  It’s almost entirely caused by White Privilege but not in the way the Left means it. The newest study says highest i...
Shot In The Dark · 3d ago

NARN Chokes Back As Hard On My Anger…

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talk radio show – is back in the studio, making talk radio great again! Today on the show: The Star Tribune is shocke...
Shot In The Dark · 4d ago

The North Loop Is Burning!, Part IV: Never Waste A Crisis

Last week, the Strib put out a breathtakingly obtuse editorial about the wave of crime sweeping the North Loop in Minneapolis – even as crime statewide continues a long-term downward trend. ...
Shot In The Dark · 4d ago

Don’t Try This Yourself (Unless You’re Suitably “Progressive”)

Only on the American left can someone with this sort of public/self image…: …Write something like this… …unironically.