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Sightings at 60 A baby boomer looks at health, finance, grown-up children an

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Sightings at 60 · 3d ago

There's a Generation Z -- Who Knew?

     We all know about the Greatest Generation and the Silent Generation and the Baby Boom...
Sightings at 60 · 1w ago

Pick Your Favorites

     As I mentioned in my November 4 post, I'm taking a photography course at home. While ...
Sightings at 60 · 1W ago

What's a Snowbird?

     B and I are spending the first three weeks of November in the Carolinas. We came here to enjoy the warmer weather, to be sure, but the main reason we drove down here is because we stopp...
Sightings at 60 · 2W ago

Which Do You Like Better?

     I am taking a photography course with an organization called the Center for Learning ...
Sightings at 60 · 2W ago

New Tax Plan -- Fair or Not Fair

     If I had to bet, I would bet that the proposed Republican tax reform bill does not get passed, that it never actually makes it into law. However, I also know I am not very good at predi...
Sightings at 60 · 3W ago

Packing in a Lot of Food

     With all the Halloween talk about treats and candy, B and I last Sunday thought we co...
Sightings at 60 · 3W ago

Summer Leaves, Autumn Nights

     I don't know what's it's been like where you live. But where I now reside, in southea...
Sightings at 60 · 1M ago

5 Questions to Ask Yourself After You Retire

Sightings at 60 · 1M ago

New Ideas for Old Problems

     I have been AWOL from blogging for the last couple of weeks. My time has been consume...
Sightings at 60 · 1M ago

FAQs on Long-Term Care

     Realistically speaking, most of us will need some kind of personal care at one time or another. I posted an article on the subject, Is Long-Term Care Insurance for You? that covered man...