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Donna Lindall Mcmill...

Reads about: family, photography, scrapbooking, design, crafts

Berenika Buxhaku

Reads about: life, wellness, technology, health, healthcare

Perri Jackson

Reads about: jewelry, art, photography, handmade, crafts

Pixie Rapp Hello brothers & sisters! I'm just your average Christian-Conservative-Libertarian-Jewish girl blogg...

Reads about: faith, christian, politics, life, photography

Emery Smith an old guy intending to finish well. Husband of one, father of five, grandfather of six, Christ-foll...

Reads about: technology, worship, christianity, christian, faith

William Elton Brantl... I`m a Volunteer Skywarn Trained Storm Spotter And Cooperative Observer For the Memphis , Tn. Nationa...

Reads about: weather, humor, politics, real estate, life

Christi Fenderson Si...

Reads about: spirituality, blog design, scripture tags, prose, photography

Crystal Warren Mille... I'm a Mostly Homespun, Thoroughly Hoosier acquisitions reader, book reviewer, writer, freelance edit...

Reads about: writing, faith, books, fiction, christian

Maja Iten

Reads about: prose, spirituality, photography

Nicole Angeli Charal...

Reads about: photography, cooking, humor, spirituality, life

Silke Liria Blumbach

Reads about: spirituality, faith, christian, counselling, photography

Mark Godbey

Reads about: politics, conservative, family law, parenting, republican

Chastity Ann Coburn ...

Reads about: literature, poetry, spirituality, photography, writing

Tabitha Beck Experiential Journey Creatrix

Reads about: writing, art, knitting, painting, spirituality

Edwin De Vera

Reads about: politics, conservative, lutheran, republican, christian

Byzantines Cataphrac... Middle aged socialist hater, out to give New Labour, treehuggers and assorted fools a kick in the nu...

Reads about: politics, conservative, republican, libertarian, news

Holly Austin Grimes Empty-nesting mom, spiritual seeker, lover of the fine details, Lightworker - always seeking to expa...

Reads about: spirituality, healing, law of attraction, life, writing

Joannie Jenkins Reiki Practitioner in So California who is taking a Journey to a healthy Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit....

Reads about: spirituality, reiki, healing, meditation, empowerment

Johannes Adriaansen I'm a Dutch/Indo living in New Hope - Oregon...I'm in the progress of moving to Findley Lake - New ...

Reads about: life, photography, writing, humor, cooking

John Reynolds

Reads about: politics, social media, life, atlanta, real estate

Franca Bartella Its Just Life

Reads about: spirituality, writing, photography, life, religion

Christian Jeong Cell Church, Natural Church Development

Reads about: christianity, faith, church, christian, leadership

Beverly Malone Moore

Reads about: humor, life, faith, entertainment, photography

Diana Saputo

Reads about: jewelry, handmade, art, crafts, etsy

Brenda Craig

Reads about: faith, christianity, jesus, spirituality, life

Chris Vonada

Reads about: christianity, faith, christian, life, family

Patricia C. Graef

Reads about: kingdom, faith, christian faith, apostolic, media

Bob Koshin Hanson

Reads about: poetry, writing, literature, photography, spirituality

Diana Mains Welte

Reads about: art, mixed media, cooking, jewelry, crafts

Bruno Teixeira OM

"Em cada um de nós há um segredo, uma paisagem interior com planícies invioláveis, vales de s...

Reads about: spirituality, arte, life, photography, cultura

Cindy Ramm-Doucette

Reads about: christianity, faith, the holy spirit, christian, spirituality

Maja Larson Well sharing sure keeps you honest...gotta learn to say what you can live with.

Learning to live ...

Reads about: spirituality, life, humor, spirit mindedness, parenting

Steve Dalton Small business consultant from Northwest Indiana. We work with problem real estate projects, home b...

Reads about: politics, conservative, republican, indiana, real estate

Whitney Black

Reads about: arts, spirituality, religion, inspiration, design

Marsha Carmichael

Reads about: spirituality, writing, health, healing, books

Luisa Sousa

Reads about: arte, arts, spirituality, poesia, literatura

Halim Akib

Reads about: spirituality, awakening, blogging, enlightenment, theology

Mimi Meetha Sewpal

Reads about: spirituality, healing, love, life, photography

Daniel Mendez-Antill...

Reads about: spirituality, meditation, inspiration, love, creativity

Horatiu Lazar

Reads about: photography, art, travel, weddings, fashion

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