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Silverneon2000 Blog · 3M ago

Bottom Of Tews Falls

We have seen Tews Falls from the top many times but never have done the bottom trail. My Husband and I always talked about it and finally decided to do it.We did this last weekend. We went t...
Silverneon2000 Blog · 3M ago

Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve

 This was the first time we had been here and it was a nice trail to walk along. The Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve area is 414 acres in size and is located at the headwaters of the Spe...
Silverneon2000 Blog · 3M ago

Ottawa Canada's Capital - our trip

My Husband and I with our youngest son went a way for a few nights to Ottawa, Ontariowhich took about 6 hours to get there.The first thing we did as it was the furthest away from our hotel w...
Silverneon2000 Blog · 3M ago

Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

Open daily till fall.hours are 11am to 5pmWe went in the middle of July and it was very nice as the Lavendar was still in bloom and they still had such a nice smell in the air.
Silverneon2000 Blog · 10M ago

Bottom of Buttermilk Falls

My Husband and I had talked aboutwalking to the bottom of Buttermilk Falls.So we finally did and it was a good hike.   We went last weekend.It was a cooler day but you build up the heat whil...
Silverneon2000 Blog · 1Y ago

Confederation Beach Park

We have not been here in a few years and it was a nice couple of hours we spent here.Our youngest son is hard to get out and do things with but he wanted to go check out and see different ki...
Silverneon2000 Blog · 1Y ago


I heard about this Lavender Farm from another blog so I was telling my Husband about it and that today was the last day of the season to visit.So he said lets go see.So we went to Terre Bleu...
Silverneon2000 Blog · 1Y ago


Looking for something to do with your kids or even for yourselfYou can go bowling and go to the arcade and have some funOur youngest son had gone bowling on a school trip and had told us abo...
Silverneon2000 Blog · 1Y ago

Hendrie Valley

We have done this trail off of different areas but this time we did it from Unsworth Avenue in Burlington.Hendrie Valley TrailFor how dry our summer has been it was nice seeing all the green...
Silverneon2000 Blog · 1Y ago

Waterford Heritage Trail and Shadow Lake Trail

Went to Waterford and parked on Alice Street first and looked over Shadow Lake here first.Very nice view with a dock to walk out onto.Waterford-heritage-trail Parking at the west end of Nich...