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Simply Living · 4d ago

Savor the moment

I've always thought of myself as a lake person more than a beach nut. Yet, over the past few years, my fascination and enjoyment of time spent by the ocean has grown immensely.I look forward...
Simply Living · 1M ago

How to tell good eggs from bad

How to tell good eggs from badA bad egg will float.  Throw it away.A good egg will sink to the bottom and rest on its side.A so-so egg will sink to the bottom and stand on its pointy end. Us...
Simply Living · 1M ago

Best pineapple ever!

What's bright yellow, sweet and juicy? The best pineapple ever, that's what!And I grew it myself!  Wahoo!  Look what I grew!This wasn't the first pineapple I've grown - far from it - but it ...
Simply Living · 1M ago

Birds or pesticides? Which would you choose to control pesky insects?

Scroll down to watch video of a downy woodpecker eating insects on bambooPoisonous sprays aren't the only way to prevent small sucking insects like mealybug, aphids and scale from damaging p...
Simply Living · 1M ago

A celestial two-fer!

Biking south at sunrise in New Smyrna Beach. To my left, watching the sunrise... To my right, watching the moon set...A celestial two-fer. Double the pleasure!
Simply Living · 1M ago

How many butterflies can you find?

Scroll to bottom for video A young planting of Mexican Flamevine, Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides, has been attracting so many butterflies to our yard lately.Zebra Longwing, the official state ...
Simply Living · 1M ago

My antidote to the daily news

This week at the beach has been the perfect mix of productivity and playfulness. In addition to getting much weeding, clearing and planting done at our property, meeting with workmen and dea...
Simply Living · 1M ago

Sunrise bike ride yields surprising find!

During this morning's sunrise bike ride, Ralph and I came upon freshly made sea turtle tracks.  Two roads diverged on a sandy beach... The tracks on the right were made when the female sea t...
Simply Living · 2M ago

Here a gator, there a gator

Every year just before the summer solstice, a young alligator appears in our lake.  If it happened only now and then, I'd consider it an anomaly, but instead, time has proven the appearance ...
Simply Living · 3M ago

Bluebird babies survive attack by crow

Over the past month, I've had the pleasure of watching a pair of Eastern bluebirds return to the same nesting box where they have attempted to raise young for the last three years. The woode...