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Simply Living · 2M ago

It's a wrap - spider style

Yesterday I watched a yellow and black argiope spider (writing spider, aka Charlotte from Charlotte's Web) wrap up prey on a windy afternoon.Argiope spiders spin HUGE webs and this beautiful...
Simply Living · 3M ago

4 things I never expected to see people do at the beach

Whenever I'm at the beach I expect to see the unexpected.  But usually, those unexpected finds include rare shells, interesting wildlife, a special skyscape, pretty sandcastles or mademade i...
Simply Living · 3M ago

A beachside encounter in 'Plein' sight!

I almost always find something unexpected on my early morning beachside bike rides. Often those finds include interesting wildlife, plants or washed ashore items.  But recently, over a two-d...
Simply Living · 3M ago

Halloween sounds of Giant Timber Clumping Bamboo

The creaking and screeching sounds from this untrimmed, mature clump of Bambus oldhamii would be the perfect accompaniment to a midnight visit to a haunted house.
Simply Living · 3M ago

Being in the moment

Ralph and I went for a walk around the south half of our property yesterday evening.  Although we've been back from the beach for three days, this was our first chance to survey post-Irma ef...
Simply Living · 3M ago

A picture. A poem

Simply Living · 4M ago

Can't get out! Spiderweb has us trapped!

I was in the kitchen working on my second cup of coffee when I heard my husband shout to me from the hallway on the west side of our house."Come quick!  And bring your camera!"Not one to mis...
Simply Living · 4M ago

Another early morning at the beach

Ralph and I arrived at New Smyrna Beach yesterday afternoon and I couldn't wait for morning to get back on my bike, ride down to the ocean and watch the sunrise.This is the view that greeted...
Simply Living · 5M ago

Savor the moment

I've always thought of myself as a lake person more than a beach nut. Yet, over the past few years, my fascination and enjoyment of time spent by the ocean has grown immensely.I look forward...
Simply Living · 6M ago

How to tell good eggs from bad

How to tell good eggs from badA bad egg will float.  Throw it away.A good egg will sink to the bottom and rest on its side.A so-so egg will sink to the bottom and stand on its pointy end. Us...