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Simply, improvement... · 4d ago

Leading Lean: Self-assessing strengths and areas for improvement

I recently designed a 2-day Lean Leadership workshop for a client and part of the content is a self-assessment exercise which the participants do individually. It’s based on 5 principles tha...
Simply, improvement... · 5d ago

Why incompetent people think they’re amazing

The Dunning-Kruger Effect.
Simply, improvement... · 1W ago

The value of a “Charter” for high-performing Project Teams

I was running a workshop for a group of researchers and analysts and we were discussing how to set the team up for success. The focus of the conversation was around how to ensure the team be...
Simply, improvement... · 2W ago

“Simply, improvement…” my November 2017 Newsletter is out today

View a copy online. I write an e-Newsletter which goes out monthly (except August) and is another way to keep in touch with topics of relevance to Continuous Improvement.  Sometimes it’s a r...
Simply, improvement... · 1M ago

The 4 Ds of Digital Transformation

I’ve written previously about some of the work I’ve been doing in the Third Sector with my colleagues at Sho-Net where we are helping charities consider how best to benefit from digital tran...
Simply, improvement... · 1M ago

“Simply, improvement…” – my October 2017 Newsletter is out today

View a copy online, here. This month: Project insights – the value of an external eye Artificial Intelligence – hype and reality? Consultancy tips for pro bono projects Rory Peck Awards 2017...
Simply, improvement... · 1M ago

ISIS Papyrus UK Open House 2017 – from AI to Apps, via Document Management (Part 2)

In Part 1, I wrote about Max Pucher’s keynote presentation on the hype of Artificial Intelligence and why he thinks it is mostly nonsense. Here, I want to summarise a few of the other sessio...
Simply, improvement... · 1M ago

ISIS Papyrus UK Open House 2017 – from AI to Apps, via Document Management (Part 1)

I was pleased to be able to attend this year’s Open House event as there was an interesting mixture of topics on the agenda. Keynote speaker, Max Pucher, is always great to listen to. He bri...
Simply, improvement... · 1M ago

Looking forward to the ISIS Papyrus UK Open House 2017

    I’m looking forward to attending the ISIS Papyrus Open House event on 29th September. It’s invariably an interesting and stimulating day of presentations and demonstrations by the Papyru...
Simply, improvement... · 2M ago

Consultancy tips for pro bono OR Projects – Slideshare #OR59 @TheORSociety

Jane Parkin and I ran a short workshop at OR59, the 2017 OR Conference, on consultancy tips for pro bono projects. Our slides are available on and include a brief overview of ...