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SkatingThru2012 · 2d ago

“Life in California, September 1989”

I had inadvertently opened myself to the Tao, the natural flow of energy in the universe. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 6d ago

What’s in a Name? A Lot!

What's in a name? Apparently a lot! I just discovered that some of my books were attributed to another author on Goodreads. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 1W ago

Excerpt from #2 Burnout Series & “Weird” Update

I sensed that this was a sign of how it was going to be – that I would be watched over and protected, even by strangers, like the boy in the filling station who had phoned to say he’d found ...
SkatingThru2012 · 2W ago

Miracle in Purgatory, July 1989

I had to choose between staying in my secure position and leaving to take care of myself. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 3W ago

Weird Indy Publishing Project: Book 2 Launch?

Things aren't always what they seem. It appeared that there was no launch for Book 2 in the BURNOUT to BLISS series -- but there was one planned. It just didn't, well, "launch." And there's ...
SkatingThru2012 · 4W ago

Weird Indy Publishing Project: Staying the Course

There comes a time when most people stop, look at the data, listen to the feedback, then decide whether or not to stay the course. That's one way... Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 4W ago

Book 2 (Burnout to Bliss series) is out!

CYCLING in the CITY  is the first tale of recovery from intense burnout after leaving a situation that literally killed her. It was a time of “doing nothing” for the workaholic that experien...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Weird Publishing Project: Books 1 & 2 FREE!

Books 1 & 2 in the Burnout to Bliss series are FREE for a limited time for the Vernal Equinox! Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

The Resistance For Writers: Part Two

Originally posted on The Let's Play Ball Blog: I’m one of the luckier Feds, I guess. I retired from government service in 2014, well before the country elected a president who seems bent on ...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Choose to be a Hero!

Everyone's looking for heroes. Why not be one yourself? You can choose to be a hero – for yourself, your family, your community.