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SkatingThru2012 · 1W ago

Working with Fiverr Formatters

Fiverr is on the low end cost-wise, and just like any other unknown adventure, lack of experience can cost you plenty Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 1W ago

2 years 1 paycheck 0 plans is out!

For a limited time, Book 3 in the Burnout to Bliss series is $.99. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 1W ago

The Invitation

Surrendering control is never easy. It’s even harder for a woman-in-charge workaholic during melt-down. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 2W ago

My Weird Indie Publishing Project Update: back cover

While formatting was happening, I was tortured with writing the back cover book description, which is not the same as all the other book descriptions the indie gets to write.
SkatingThru2012 · 3W ago

How Much Are You Making?

Trapped inside a car going 60 miles an hour, the driver commented, “I hate it when an author prices one book “free” and then raises the price to $7.99 for the others.” “That’s a marketing te...
SkatingThru2012 · 4W ago

The Meaning of a Title

Update: My Weird Indie Publishing Project. I just finished watching Slaughterhouse-5, the movie of Kurt Vonnegut’s book by the same title, for the second time. The first time was right after...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

My Weird Indie Publishing Project Update: Title, Book 3

The book cover information must align with the story inside.
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

My State of Wonder

Anyone who follows my blog knows I don’t write book reviews. I have, on occasion, posted my reader’s perspective of a book that made an impression on me. That’s rare. And I certainly do writ...
SkatingThru2012 · 1Y ago

Christmas Not So Merry? Take 3

When we're alone -- whether in the midst of a crowd of strangers or family -- Christmas holidays can feel really yucky. The cool thing is it doesn't have to be like that. We have the power ...
SkatingThru2012 · 2M ago

Christmas: A Time to Contemplate Beliefs

Why I’m no longer the seeker I was when the story of my awakening experience (told in the Burnout to Bliss series) happened almost 30 years ago. Continue reading →