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SkatingThru2012 · 3d ago

Update: My Weird Indie Publishing Project

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Burnout to Bliss is a series of books I’m publishing about an extraordinary two-year experience that began with a dark night of the soul or ...
SkatingThru2012 · 1W ago

Remembering Vietnam

Reading the special series for Veteran's Day in my local newspaper brought up flashes of Vietnam. I cried as memories of those years washed over me. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 1W ago

Is Fantasy Doing The Trick?

Originally posted on The Let's Play Ball Blog: I’m not a big fan of made-up worlds. I’m more of a realist in my literary tastes. I prefer stories that could conceivably happen to me, with fa...
SkatingThru2012 · 2W ago

BURNOUT, Excerpt 15

Only a miracle could save me now. Mere days later, I got one. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 3W ago

Wanted: Beta Readers

I just finished the manuscript of Practicing SURRENDER, Book 3 in the Burnout to Bliss series. Anyone interested in being a beta reader? You get a free PDF in exchange for your comments. Int...
SkatingThru2012 · 3W ago

BURNOUT, Excerpt 14

Back in Purgatory, I continued to reflect on my journey and what it had taught me as I unpacked my truck, did laundry, cleaned the house and occupied myself with other mindless activity to g...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Excerpt 13, BURNOUT

According to A Course in Miracles, when the ego searches, it gets, but it doesn't find what it looked for. So perhaps this longing for love just out of reach was my spiritual self, the Holy ...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago


I knew the trip had been important for me, because I finally had positive God experiences. Before camping with the shamans, I had had some not-so-positive experiences – like seeing Jesus and...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Excerpt 12, BURNOUT

...suddenly I found myself … in the heavens! I was dancing with the stars in the heavens! And a stream of unbidden thoughts vibrated through my skull: ...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Excerpt 11, BURNOUT

What made this camping trip with Indian shamans so perfect for me was having access to Prenda's recorded lectures about the role of peyote in this tribe and how the culture compares with min...