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SkatingThru2012 · 4d ago

Excerpt 8, BURNOUT

Mimi seemed to be offering yet another perspective on the physical and emotional craziness I’d experienced during the past year, which the school counselor had labeled a “nervous breakdown” ...
SkatingThru2012 · 1W ago

Excerpt 7, BURNOUT

Perhaps the greatest relief I experienced all semester was being invited to speak before a psychology class about depression and what it feels like to be at the end of your rope! That talk o...
SkatingThru2012 · 2W ago

Excerpt 6: BURNOUT

I obviously was unhappy. I had even considered dying. Apparently, my subconscious was so happy to make that happen. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 3W ago

Excerpt 5: BURNOUT

In bed that night, listening to the wind whistling through the window at the top of the stairs, I heard voices coming from right behind me. I turned slowly in the direction of the noise and ...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Excerpt 4: BURNOUT

Falling apart despite others' insistence that I save them, I continued to learn what didn’t work in finding love for myself. Continue reading →
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Excerpt 3, BURNOUT

"I started thinking about my life as a tinder box, how it wasn’t just one thing but a slow accumulation of dry combustible material, like on the forest floor, in the shadows, waiting for the...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Excerpt 2, BURNOUT

[These excerpts are from Book 1, Burnout to Bliss series. BURNOUT – How a Desert Lizard Restored My Faith, targets people who have personal experience with depression, who have self-medicate...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Blogging BURNOUT Now!

I was on my way to meet him at the door when suddenly he yanked up the weapon hidden under his jacket and filled the room with smoke as he riveted my body with bullets, tearing through my fl...
SkatingThru2012 · 1M ago

Time Out

From the severe burnout I experienced in 1988-1989, I learned to take much better care of myself in all ways, a subject that is especially important now as we are all being challenged to lov...
SkatingThru2012 · 2M ago

Excerpt 20, CYCLING in the CITY

Learning how to love yourself could easily be the biggest change you'll make in your life. Continue reading →