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Skepticule Irregular audio utterances from a UK skeptic
Skepticule · 8M ago


Skepticule 122:  Ben Watts on Unbelievable; Big Pharma Pricing; Culpable Steve; Biblical Authenticity; Johno on ACE; TTPMO.Read more »
Skepticule · 11M ago


Skepticule 120: QEDcon SpecialRead more »
Skepticule · 10M ago


Skepticule 121: Poisonous Darwinism; Johno is Trumped; Underwhelming Apologetics; Steve's Liquidised Todger; TTPMO.Read more »
Skepticule · 11M ago


Skepticule 119: Looks like a Christian; Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness); Literally metaphorical; Book review - Why Trust the Bible?; Trump; TTPMO.Read more »
Skepticule · 1Y ago


Skepticule 118: Soz Sean Slater; NSS Conference; Properly Basic?; Stephen Law, Tyler McNabb; Derren Brown; Internet Freedom of Speech; Book Review - Why Trust the Bible?; Confession; TTPMO x...
Skepticule · 1Y ago


Skepticule 117: Gordon Pathology Museum; Donating your body to science; Petronas in the face of social convention; Winchester Science Festival; Filling The Void; TTPMO x2.Read more »
Skepticule · 1Y ago


Skepticule 116: Deacon Orton; Moral Maze & Today, on Assisted Dying; Huel of the Future; Cost of Anon Steve; Tom Price at High Wycombe SitP; Pearced off with Hell; TTPMO: Embarrassment & Bot...
Skepticule · 1Y ago


Skepticule 115: Low Carb Diet & Diabetes; Bob Carroll - Skepdic; Passive Paedophiles; Skeptical about Skeptics; Salad; Blessings; Aliens.Read more »
Skepticule · 1Y ago


Skepticule 114: Guerilla Skeptics on Wikipedia - KKK?; Mayor's pothole prayers; Anon Steve's animal feelings; Sam Harris reads The End of Faith; QEDcon; What is Johno's religion?; TTPMO.Read...
Skepticule · 1Y ago


Skepticule 113: Aron Ra visits High Wycombe; Anon Steve wants to ban trampolines; Quakers; NLP; Government statistics; Peter Popoff; Johno on Yahweh vs. Jesus.Read more »