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Slashdot · 5h ago

Spoilerwall: a 'new concept' in network hardening

A playful developer has written what he/she calls a "new concept of network hardening": displaying spoilers whenever someone conducts a port scan of a Linux/UNIX server.
Slashdot · 5h ago

UW study finds Seattle's $15/hr minimum wage is costing jobs

Seattle Washington decided to raise the minimum wage in the city to $15 an hour. Supporters of the hike promised an effective model for cities around the United States. The results are in. F...
Slashdot · 15h ago

Fake online stores reveal gamblers' shadow banking system

A network of dummy online stores offering household goods has been used as a front for internet gambling payments. The seven sites in Europe to sell items including fabric, DVD cases, and ma...
Slashdot · 15h ago

Linux is running on almost all of the top 500 supercomputers

Linux is still running on more than 99% of the top 500 fastest supercomputers in the world. Same as last year, 498 out of top 500 supercomputers run Linux while remaining 2 run Unix.No super...
Slashdot · 1d ago

SUSE Linux distributions now available for Windows 10 in the official Store

During Build 2017, Microsoft delighted open source enthusiasts with a surprise announcement — Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, and SUSE) was coming to the Windows Store. If you were running Windows 10...
Slashdot · 1d ago, Adafruit Partner on CS Discoveries Course for 30,000+ 7th-9th Graders

On Friday, tech-bankrolled announced it has partnered with Adafruit to create a classroom kit of the Adafruit Circuit Playground Classic boards and accessories, based on the Arduino...
Slashdot · 15h ago

Ubuntu Phone project failed because it was a mess: claim

A developer who worked with the Ubuntu Phone project has outlined the reasons for its failure, painting a picture of confusion, poor communication and lack of technical and marketing foresig...
Slashdot · 1d ago

Does US have right to data on overseas servers? We're about to find out

The Justice Department on Friday petitioned the US Supreme Court to step into an international legal thicket, one that asks whether US search warrants extend to data stored on foreign server...
Slashdot · 2d ago

Why So Many Top Hackers Come from Russia

Brian Krebs has an interesting piece this week on one reason that so many talented hackers (malicious and benign) seem to come from Russia and the former Soviet States: It's the education, s...
Slashdot · 1d ago

Cool Pavement Works in LA

As reported in the LA Daily News, during the current heatwave various officials swooped down on streets coated with an experimental light-gray sealer that makes the old asphalt into a "cool ...