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so much to choose from · 1w ago

Five Weird Things About Me

I've been invited by Barbara who writes the blog Life & Faith Caneyhead in a little grown-up but not Adult truth or dare. What makes me weird. It is listing five things that are weird about...
so much to choose from · 1W ago

And when the bough breaks

I had a big limb break on an old Pecan tree last night. It was a healthy limb. Half of the tree is dead. It will take about twenty years for the tree to slowly die. Did you know Pecan trees ...
so much to choose from · 2W ago

Good night Midnight Rider.

There is so much to learn about things by observation. Have you ever noticed someone post a profile picture of themselves sticking their tongue out. What are your impressions or expectations...
so much to choose from · 3W ago

The Doglady's 30 Odd Question Blogfest

This week's blog is in response to Debbie the Doglady's 30 Odd Question's Blogfest. What did you want to be when you were a kid?  I really had no dreams. I wanted to have an education and...
so much to choose from · 4W ago

Oh how I love my dog, let me count the ways.

I've  been in a blue funk for awhile. It's not depression. I certainly am glad I don't have a problem with anxiety. My problem is what do I do next and stop procrastinating. I made the mist...
so much to choose from · 1M ago

Oh Those Handicapped Parking Spaces

After this blog post, I will retire this theme. I have handicapped placards and tags for handicapped family members. I park in the back of the lot when it is me and when getting my sister o...
so much to choose from · 1M ago

To the start of a new blog year.

I had no business, no business at all doing the A to Z challenge. It is just I did not want to be left out. I wanted to go to the party. The party was a grand affair. Putting your post in t...
so much to choose from · 1M ago

Jack Zipes, Emile Zola

Jack Zipes translated the Brothers Grimm to English. He is an authority on fairy tales and well known with people interested in the study of fairy tales.
so much to choose from · 1M ago

Rick Yancey

This post is dedicated to lucky pen names or names. It gets the Ian Ludlow award. In short, I have never read this writer's work. He just has a last name that ends with Y. I am sure after I ...
so much to choose from · 1M ago

X - Qui Xiaolong - Khushwant Singh

To find an X in the English language was difficult.  I purchased the set of short stories written by Qui Xiaolong called "The Red Dirt Road".  Qui Xiaolong has written a series of crime nove...