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Katie Jeanne Bastiaa...

Reads about: parenting, family, mummy, children, reviews

Ping-Ting Penny Chen... A Chainmaille Artist with a fancy for sparkly things and a love for her pliers

Reads about: jewelry, handmade, etsy, art, crafts

Carolyn Phillips

Reads about: creativity, art, scrapbooking, crafts, mixed media

Collette Collins

Reads about: jewelry, fashion, pottery, stay at home mum, pmc

Christine Lorenzo Lover of all things unique, lovely, breathtaking, fun, dreamy, passionate and true. I adore a good s...

Reads about: fashion, jewelry, handmade, art, photography

Mouna Marini

Reads about: jewelry, beadwork, design, jewellery one of a kind, art

Kim Stone

Reads about: photography, parenting, reviews, family, health

Emma Regan

Reads about: handmade, craft, etsy, jewelry, stay at home mum

Loops Crane

Reads about: crafting, sewing, cooking, inappropriateness, stay at home mum

Deanna Thorsland Cro...

Reads about: life, humor, family, parenting, soaping

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