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SocraticGadfly · 2d ago

The cult of Adolph Reed (and maybe, of dime-store Marxism?)

Earlier this week, I tackled a very problematic piece at The Atlantic, one that claimed that postbellum segregation and Jim Crow in the U.S. South was about class first — and specifically ab...
SocraticGadfly · 3d ago

Political wish lists — looking at 2018 and beyond

I've already blogged about how I think the Green Party needs to revamp for the future, and, in analyzing Mark Lause, mentioned specific organizational and other issues.So, let's focus on wha...
SocraticGadfly · 5d ago

No, #segregation and Jim Crow were NOT all about breaking up labor solidarity (updated)

Speaking of solidarity, even more than I despair of some supporters of movements like Black Lives Matter ignoring possible interracial solidarity on socioeconomic issues, I grow tired of oth...
SocraticGadfly · 2W ago

Who stole Tom Brady's jersey — allegedly worth $500K?

Tom BradyA rundown of the story to date on who apparently stole the jersey Tom Brady wore in Super Bowl 51 says somebody on the Patriot team staff is the most likely culprit, as the locker r...
SocraticGadfly · 6d ago

TX Progressives say Happy Presidents Day with the weekly wrangle

SocraticGadfly · 1w ago

Thoughts on the death of Roe — that is, Norma McCorvey

Norma McCorvey (Washington Post)Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff, as the anonymized Jane Roe, in the famous Roe v Wade case that legalized abortion, in general, across the US, died yesterday at...
SocraticGadfly · 1M ago

President Zuckerberg? I just threw up in Facebook's mouth (updated)

Mark Zuckerberg via President of MexicoTo be halfway serious, as well as halfway snarky, I think I would take a President Trump over a President Zuckerberg, whose ambitions are hinted at in ...
SocraticGadfly · 1W ago

Two Pinocchios for MSM oversimplified "narratives" giving Trump ammo

Yes, it's true, as NBC reported, and the Washington Post last fall trotted out with its four Pinocchios, and that Politifact scored as "mostly false" when President Trump made a similar clai...
SocraticGadfly · 1W ago

Don't get sheepdogged by Bernie's new book — or his legacy spinoff

The following is based on my Goodreads review of Bernie Sanders' book about last year's campaign and beyond, including some presidential campaign staffers of his attempting to either do a Pr...
SocraticGadfly · 1W ago

'Animals can't do X,' ethics division

Perhaps I'm overstating the opposition, but that's my takeaway from the most recent posting of philosopher and biologist Massimo Pigliucci.I'm not sure how strongly he holds that idea, but D...