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Sol Ascendans · 5d ago


Come forth to meet them ye angels of the Lord; may the choirs of angels receive them, and guide them into perpetual light. In the name of the Most Gracious One, be Ye encompassed by the Prin...
Sol Ascendans · 3W ago

Masonic baggage in the Golden Dawn (response)

So there has been an article in the blogosphere on this subject by Nick Farrell already, but in my opinion, its description of what the GD owes to Freemasonry not go far enough. Here then is...
Sol Ascendans · 1M ago

How to Predict the General Election 2017

If Tim Farron suddenly summons a load of Toclafane to decimate the world's population, you know where you read it first. Continue reading →
Sol Ascendans · 1M ago

Oh God!

A magician without a religion is … just an evil paedophile who wears a dress to cover their crimes. Nick Farrell As anyone who has spent too much time in a pub on a Friday night will know, t...
Sol Ascendans · 2M ago

The Rosicrucians and the Alchemists: by Florence Farr

The union of the Rose and Cross would symbolize a man able to unite himself to the great powers of Nature Continue reading →
Sol Ascendans · 3M ago

Binding Trump

If they are powerful enough to do that to Trump, why didn't they cast a spell to make sure he didn't get elected in the first place??? Continue reading →
Sol Ascendans · 3M ago

Love Spells

Recently I seem to have been answering the same question multiple times on, to wit: about Love Spells. The question is normally along the lines of Is placing a love spell on an ex ...
Sol Ascendans · 3M ago

How can I summon Zepar?

My answer to How can I summon Zepar? Answer by Alex Sumner: First of all, Goetic demons, like Zepar, are not human friendly. They are in fact very dangerous. It is because they are dangerous...
Sol Ascendans · 4M ago

Why The World Will Become More Spiritual From Today Onwards

Donald Trump therefore may be compared to Satan. Continue reading →
Sol Ascendans · 4M ago

Qabalistic Qigong

You are able to discover new and hidden depths to the whole Golden Dawn system by periodically re-reading the classic texts, written by Mathers et al., and by paying close attention to the p...