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Sol Ascendans · 19h ago

Binding Trump

If they are powerful enough to do that to Trump, why didn't they cast a spell to make sure he didn't get elected in the first place??? Continue reading →
Sol Ascendans · 19h ago

Love Spells

Recently I seem to have been answering the same question multiple times on, to wit: about Love Spells. The question is normally along the lines of Is placing a love spell on an ex ...
Sol Ascendans · 3W ago

How can I summon Zepar?

My answer to How can I summon Zepar? Answer by Alex Sumner: First of all, Goetic demons, like Zepar, are not human friendly. They are in fact very dangerous. It is because they are dangerous...
Sol Ascendans · 1M ago

Why The World Will Become More Spiritual From Today Onwards

Donald Trump therefore may be compared to Satan. Continue reading →
Sol Ascendans · 1M ago

Qabalistic Qigong

You are able to discover new and hidden depths to the whole Golden Dawn system by periodically re-reading the classic texts, written by Mathers et al., and by paying close attention to the p...
Sol Ascendans · 1M ago

Which occult magical tradition is best for self-transformation?

My answer to Which occult magical tradition is best for self-transformation? Answer by Alex Sumner: If by “self-transformation” you mean transforming yourself into a better person spirituall...
Sol Ascendans · 1M ago

Do you think the world is ready for alien disclosure?

My answer to Do you think the world is ready for alien disclosure? Answer by Alex Sumner: No – for several reasons: Firstly, from a military point of view, the armed forces of this planet ar...
Sol Ascendans · 3M ago

American (Humble) Pie

America may have been Born on the Fourth of July, but the 4th July 1776 was during a Mercury Retrograde. Continue reading →
Sol Ascendans · 3M ago

What the stars have in store for… America

It’s the US Presidential election, folks! Using my powers of Astrology, I will attempt to bring consolation to everyone hanging upon its outcome. The Election itself. The last polling statio...
Sol Ascendans · 6M ago

Zodiacal Angels

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