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Sol Ascendans · 1w ago

Occult related video of the day: “As Above, So Below” by Tom Tom Club

Came across this from their 1982 debut album. The lyrics actually describe a method of Tattva exploration by clairvoyance, although the Golden Dawn did not recommend holding “the symbol to y...
Sol Ascendans · 2W ago

Current Work

You will next see a brand new novel from me this May – entitled Eternal Witch. It’s all ready, but I have chose a May launch date to give me enough time to get my publicity in gear. And beca...
Sol Ascendans · 2W ago

Spell To Get A Snow-Day Off Work Or School

Empower this sigil, which is the Sigil of Ithaqua The Wind-Walker, with the following incantation: Ia Ithaqua! Come, ye Wendigo! Ia Ithaqua! Snow Snow Snow! Ia Ithaqua! School and Work: No! ...
Sol Ascendans · 1M ago

Star Wars and Astral Projection

I’m going to come right out and say it: I am a Star Wars fan. What’s more, I saw the recent installment The Last Jedi and I enjoyed it immensely. I want to use this blog post to address crit...
Sol Ascendans · 2M ago

Proposal for a new holiday: Astrology Day!

If this idea takes off we shall soon have internet memes saying it was a pagan feast day all along! Continue reading →
Sol Ascendans · 1Y ago


This is an experimental video project. The soundtrack is an “isochronic tone” intended to aid “Manifestation” (cosmic ordering, creative visualisation, “the Secret” etc). The images are sele...
Sol Ascendans · 2M ago

Cosmic Ordering Calendar 2018

Some eight years ago I first came up with the idea of devising one’s own Cosmic Ordering Calendar. As a reaction against some of the cynical and trashy novelty calendars that were then doing...
Sol Ascendans · 2M ago

Shall We Kill The President for Christmas

Shall We Kill The President? by Alex Sumner It’s at this time of year that our thoughts turn to festive things like Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all men*, and assassinating the Commander-In-C...
Sol Ascendans · 2M ago

Review: The Sworn Book of Honorius (Liber Iuratus Honorii) – by Joseph H Peterson

(First published on Amazon): Joseph H Peterson always produces high quality versions of classic grimoires so I was very pleased to be able to get hold of this, which I did with the aid of a ...
Sol Ascendans · 3M ago

How was Enochian magic invented? – Quora

So first of all there was this guy called Doctor John Dee (1527 – 1609) who was obsessed with acquiring knowledge. After he had received the best education that was available in Tudor Englan...