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Solo Travel Girl · 1d ago

Restaurant Week Features Best Eats in Englewood, Florida

Englewood, Florida’s restaurant week called Let’s Eat! - Englewood Restaurant Wee, serves up a culinary adventure without breaking the bank.
Solo Travel Girl · 5d ago

Finding My Footing Following Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida last week which meant I spent the week prior and week after the storm, preparing and surviving. Now, I'm ready to being living again while finding my fo...
Solo Travel Girl · 3W ago

Recipe: Blackened Mangrove Snapper Tacos with Mango Pico De Gallo

Are you lucky enough to have fresh-caught mangrove snapper and looking for a recipe to prepare it? I LOVE fish tacos and I could not wait to cook up a batch with my fresh mangrove snapper ca...
Solo Travel Girl · 3W ago

That Time I Took My Dog Fishing in Daytona Beach

Radcliff waddled along Adventure Yacht Harbor's boat dock at and looked like a walking hotdog. Strapped around him was an oversized, bulky orange life jacket probably too big for him. In fai...
Solo Travel Girl · 1M ago

Brownie the Town Dog Inspires Dog-Friendly Daytona Beach

At the canine-chic shop called Brownie's Dog Boutique, I learned about its namesake, Brownie the Town Dog, and met a couple looking to keep Brownie’s legacy alive while enhancing dog-friendl...
Solo Travel Girl · 1M ago

Will the Great American Eclipse Be the Biggest Travel Day in U.S. History?

Where will you be on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017? It’s the day of the Great American Eclipse and it may be the biggest travel day in United States history. The 60 to 70-mile path of totality will ...
Solo Travel Girl · 1M ago

MTV’s Siesta Key Will Put Sarasota on the Map. And Modern Map Art Has the Map.

Can you find Siesta Key on a map? How about Sarasota? What does it mean to put a place on a map? It seems when something out of the norm can bring attention to a destination, the locals beli...
Solo Travel Girl · 1M ago

How I Found and Gave My Parents the Perfect 50th Anniversary Gift

Finding the perfect 50th anniversary gift for my parents was difficult, but once I found it, it was so easy to execute and Casey Kasem would agree it was a hit. The gift encapsulated my grat...
Solo Travel Girl · 1M ago

World’s Largest Fishing Trade Show Through ICAST-Virgin Eyes

When I asked for tips first-time ICAST attendees should know, these were some of the nuggets of advice friends well-versed in the world of the world’s largest sport fishing trade show gave m...
Solo Travel Girl · 2M ago

Oyster Farming: Alabama’s Newest Seafood Revolution

I attended the 2016 World Food Championships Blogger Summit in Orange Beach, Ala., and learned about Alabama seafood and specifically, oyster farming in a world post-BP oil spill world. I al...