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Solo Travel Girl · 1w ago

There’s No Crying on a Harley-Davidson, But I Did Anyway

Just as there is no crying in baseball, there is no crying on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Yeah, well, I’m here to confess I did just that. Straddling 500-some pounds of hot metal between m...
Solo Travel Girl · 1M ago

Where to See Manatees in Florida’s Gulf Coast

Cooler weather means the lovable sea cows are congregating in warmer waters. Planning a vacation to the Sunshine State's Gulf Coast? From Homasassa Springs to Fort Myers, here are some of my...
Solo Travel Girl · 1M ago

What I Learned from Adopting a Dog from the Pet Shelter

If you are considering making a commitment to welcoming a canine into your home, I'd like to share what I learned from adopting a dog from the pet shelter because I was under the impression ...
Solo Travel Girl · 1M ago

Florida Travel: What to Do in Punta Gorda & Englewood Beach in 2017

Happy 2017! ‘Tis the time of year for my annual month-by-month listing of things you must try in the Punta Gorda & Englewood Beach, Florida area during the New Year. Of course, you can enjoy...
Solo Travel Girl · 2M ago

The Worst Christmas Gift I Ever Received

Pivotal moments happen throughout our lives sending us down the path of our destiny. Little did I know how my fifth grade Christmas gift exchange and the worst Christmas gift I ever received...
Solo Travel Girl · 2M ago

2016: My Year of Being an Illiterate Slug

As I sat down today to list the books I read during 2016, I realized, I've been a slug when it's come to reading books. I mean, I think 2016 is my year of illiteracy and in part, I blame soc...
Solo Travel Girl · 2M ago

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Solo Travelers

Need stocking stuffer ideas for a solo traveler on your holiday list? Here are a few of my hand-selected items for 2016. From a reusable device that extracts insect venom to fashionable yet ...
Solo Travel Girl · 2M ago

My Plans for Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration

The President of the United States represents ALL Americans, not only those who voted for him, which is why I'll be attending Donald J. Trump's presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017.
Solo Travel Girl · 3M ago

Pet-Friendly Florida: Flagler Beach

A dog beach, pet-friendly dining and activities had Radcliff’s tail wagging during our visit to Flagler Beach, Florida. This was our first, of what I hope, of many road trips.
Solo Travel Girl · 3M ago

Coincidence or Something Bigger? Paying Respects at the Vietnam Wall of Southwest Florida in Punta Gorda

I had a random encounter at the Vietnam Wall of Southwest Florida in Punta Gorda that has me wondering whether it was coincidence or something bigger.