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southernchanges · 1w ago

Patricia Bell-Scott Receives a 2017 Lillian Smith Book Award

southernchanges · 4W ago

Confronting Strom Thurmond: Mediating the Events in Selma

Andrew McDowd “Mac” Secrest, September 15, 1923-April 17, 2010 As the voice of his newspaper, as the conscience of his community, his state, his country and even the world, and as a
southernchanges · 1M ago

Court Again Strikes Down Texas Voter I-D Law

southernchanges · 1M ago

Cheryl Knott Receives 2016 Lillian Smith Book Award

We think about public libraries as places of education and culture that are open to all – among the most democratic institutions in our society. Cheryl Knott helps us to understand that in p...
southernchanges · 1M ago

Court Strikes Down At-Large Judicial Elections in Louisiana

Terrebone Parish NAACP v. Jindal[i] On August 17, 2017, a federal court ruled that a Louisiana Parish’s at-large voting system deprives black voters of an equal opportunity to elect candidat...
southernchanges · 1M ago

2017 Lillian Smith Book Award Winners Announced

southernchanges · 2M ago

What Jeff Sessions will Learn from a Truly Honest Examination of University Admissions Policies

Affirmative Action and Angry White MenBy Leland WareMultiple media outlets report that the Trump administration is preparing to investigate university admissions programs that allegedly disc...
southernchanges · 2M ago

Elmore Nickelberry: 53 Years on a Memphis Garbage Truck

By: Harold Michael HarveyElmore NickelberryIn 1964 Elmore Nickelberry was 32 years old. He was the father of five children.  He was a hero of sorts, but no one knew it or if they did know it...
southernchanges · 3M ago

On this Independence Day, a Call to Action in the Struggle for Fair Courts

southernchanges · 4M ago

Supreme Court Strikes Down North Carolina's Brazen Racial Gerrymander