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Spirit Cloth · 2h ago

Suddenly a Welcome Mat

Storm watch today, so I'm typing because I'm on my way out the door for some last minute stuff. Not that worried but just in case. We are on the shore where flooding is expected but we sit o...
Spirit Cloth · 21h ago


Spirit Cloth · 1d ago


(the above LOVE written with a touchscreen with the tip of my finger. And of course this with a keyboard. Maybe the wing here has just to do with the way I feel.)
Spirit Cloth · 1w ago


Spirit Cloth · 1w ago

Using Them

Stuff accumulates. But little cloth things are useful. Use them I said. Ok I said. These. Leftovers. They seemed to be sitting there wishing for a home. Now, on the edge of Endless Wishing. ...
Spirit Cloth · 1W ago

Yesterday and Today Overlap and then Integrate

Good Morning. So, way back when, in 2012, Spirit Cloth Diaries, I had continued... There are many things in process that I would like to get back to. And I will, but today I am just playing ...
Spirit Cloth · 1W ago

A Little Change

Into Moth. Suddenly a Moth. And celebrating the sense of something.
Spirit Cloth · 1W ago

Component- Butterfly

Component. The word I use so much. I used to use element more, but component is so related to compose. And then compound. In any case as it relates to traditional patchwork quilting, my begi...
Spirit Cloth · 1W ago

Considering Confusion

These are notes from Yesterday. The day I thought I would begin (re)Considering wings. But I was confused. This morning I am simply laughing. In September of 2012. Yes, that long ago. I bega...
Spirit Cloth · 1W ago

Flower Power

Because I don't know about you but I'm confused and worn out and I think we could use some help.