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Spirit Cloth · 20h ago


Roof. A roof is about protection. I used 3 strands of floss for the running walking stitch roof. One stitch at a time. I wanted the stitch to be heavy enough to have as much importance as th...
Spirit Cloth · 1d ago

How Place Happened

I made this block to show you how I started the center of Endless Wishing. The method for building the center "woven patchwork" motif. There is no reason for me to do the same thing again. T...
Spirit Cloth · 2d ago

The Nature of a Cloth Weave

Weave. So close to my heart. Like patchwork. How they came together in my mind. What pleas...
Spirit Cloth · 3d ago


The good kind. Away this weekend. Shoveling it. Before the rain moves in. Spreading a little love.
Spirit Cloth · 5d ago

The Altered Grid

The center is Cloth Woven. I will focus on that, as I look back from where I came. ...and go round and round and round in the circle game.(Joni Mitchell) ↓ I spelled altered wrong on the aud...
Spirit Cloth · 6d ago

Like This

It's like this here. And it's just fine. Suddenly. Suddenly it was near 90 yesterday. And everything slowed down as it does. Especially me. I find, to make good work, it is important to alig...
Spirit Cloth · 1w ago

A Space

A blank wall. I did it. It wasn't easy. I removed this many tacks. I'm not going to count them. But there are now this many more holes in the wall. They are like stars. I stare at them somet...
Spirit Cloth · 1W ago


OK. Life goes on. Time Flies. Back to it. The Endless Wishing Cloth (for now). It's on the table. But I'll put it back on the wall for a moment. First let me take everything off the wall. Cl...
Spirit Cloth · 1W ago

Just Moments

He's hard to catch. Early, through two layers of glass. With the wrong camera setting. But he would be gone. He's so hard to catch. Like my thoughts. Especially lately. Deep swellings. Blurr...
Spirit Cloth · 1W ago

Friday's Nine

After coffee, because I just couldn't wake up. A woven moon cabin. With a window. I couldn't wake up because I couldn't sleep. There was bit of an incident here this past week. My Soul-O cat...