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Splashes of Serenity · 1W ago

Why Our Marriage Works—Mutual Respect

Last night was a comedy of errors in our bedroom. The previous owners added a master bedroom suite. Sweet! And huge! Bigger isn't always better because there are 31 steps between my bed and the master bath. We old folks sometimes make several trips t...
Splashes of Serenity · 3W ago

Book Tour in Saratoga, NY, Meet my friend Elaine Marie Cooper, Author of Saratoga Letters

Do you live in the Saratoga Springs, NY area? Do you enjoy Revolutionary War history? Do you love romance? Do you like to read? If so, don't miss my friend Elaine Marie Cooper. She is coming to the Saratoga Springs area the end of May and first week ...
Splashes of Serenity · 1M ago

Resurrecting a Dead Marriage

God can take a dead Jesus and make Him alive again. God took our dead marriage and made us alive again, and He can do it for your marriage too! Pastor Dave Bretch interviews us on his "I Want a New Marriage" sermon series. You can watch at http://vim...
Splashes of Serenity · 1M ago

Laughing at Cancer. A Glimpse into my Journal

My journal entry written the day I learned I had cancer made me laugh out loud. I hope you are encouraged reading my unedited thoughts. Go ahead. Have a laugh on me. "Leukemia.So pretty. So feminine.It almost sounds like a young maiden's name.I think...
Splashes of Serenity · 2M ago

My Cancer Miracle! Thank You for Praying!

"Did she just say I was terminal?" I asked my husband as the oncologist left us alone to digest the test results."We're all terminal." The only words my hand-holding husband could say as he comforted me and grasped his own sudden grief.We didn't tell...
Splashes of Serenity · 2M ago

We All Married Idiots FREE Today!!!
Splashes of Serenity · 3M ago

I'm Pregnant!!!

I've been trying to get pregnant for years! Ever since my last baby was born. Month after ...
Splashes of Serenity · 3M ago

Life Lessons Learned in a Cancer Center Waiting Room

I'm glad I have cancer. Here's why:I've met the most amazing people in the world. Why amazing? Well, because they have cancer and cancer changes you from mundane to amazing.Cancer patients  ...
Splashes of Serenity · 4M ago

When a Husband Learns His Wife Has Cancer

The tears. The silent knowing that in a moment of a test result your life has changed fore...
Splashes of Serenity · 4M ago

The Gift of Cancer

Clinging to the cross. Always."I have a praise report! I have cancer!" George announced at our church's Wednesday night prayer meeting many years ago."George! How is that a praise report?" I asked."Can you imagine the group of people I will meet who...