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Spontaneous Combustion · 12M ago


1/26/2017 – This Book Ain’t Nuttin to Fuck With: A Wu-tang Tribute Anthology just dropped via Clash Books. This is the first book I co-edited along with Christoph Paul. If you like your fict...
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

The Mortuary Monster (Book Review)

There are a lot of young authors working hard behind the scenes. They don’t post word counts every five minutes or get caught up in writer beef. One of these people I’ve been keeping my eye ...
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

Performance Alert

This Saturday, I’m performing a small set of songs at Secret Society in Seoul. Koncept is headlining the event and Part Time Cook is hosting it. I’m considered a special guest along with DNT...
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

Jacque Mirage – Mirage Season

I just dropped my new mixtape #MirageSeason the day after Thanksgiving. I haven’t dropped a project in two years so this is a pretty big deal for me. I used to rap under the name GS and this...
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

My Days Are Numbered…

…in Korea. So it looks like my time in Korea is being cut short thanks to the Navy.  Sad, I know. I haven’t even been here a full year and I’m already about to be out the door.  Sometime in ...
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

Jacque Mirage – The Birds X (Official Music Video)

Peep the new visuals for my dark, trippy song “The Birds X” off my upcoming tape Mirage Season. Matthew Revert put together the video and did a fantastic job.
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

Automated Daydreaming: The Five Lives of Bricker Cablejuice (Book Review)

Immortality has been glamorized for ages. William Pauley III explores the dark side of immortality in his ambitious novel Automated Daydreaming: The Five Lives of Bricker Cablejuice. Last ye...
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

The Devil’s Heart

The ghost of sleep paralysis visited me this afternoon. Growing up, I suffered from sleep paralysis. Most of the time, it would happen during naps. I would wake up in my bed, completely luci...
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

The Art of Perfecting the Rap Squat

I have a new article published by the good folks at Clash. I teach you the ancient art of perfecting the rap squat below. Check it out.
Spontaneous Combustion · 1Y ago

Day Job Dreams

People always pull me aside and ask me what the hell I do. That’s a hard question to answer. Of course, I promote my books, my music, and my writing here. On top of that, I have an actual da...