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Squash Blossom Farm · 23h ago

The Farm in the Fog

It's been a while since I have had time or motivation to go out and take photos for the blog--it has been so dreary and muddy.  Not that I really have time today, but it was such a beautiful...
Squash Blossom Farm · 1M ago

Feb Fog

Squash Blossom Farm · 1M ago

Weirdly Warm Winter Weekend

This was a crazy warm weekend, with temps 40 degrees above normal. There's just one thing to do to when it gets that warm...clean the chicken coop! Well, not JUST one thing -- we also  took ...
Squash Blossom Farm · 1M ago

Disco, Inferno

Disco Ball delivery"The Winter of Our Disco Tent"A cold mid-January night - the perfect time to hold a disco party in the greenhouse!First, we had to find a disco ball. I ended up ordering o...
Squash Blossom Farm · 2M ago

Wordless Wednesday

Squash Blossom Farm · 2M ago

Icey, Dicey

Yesterday afternoon, freezing rain began and continued through the night. The roads were so slippery, my car slid past the driveway and down the hill three times before I finally was able to...
Squash Blossom Farm · 2M ago

The NATURE of Things

Last October, we  brought the Walking Play, "Nature," to Squash Blossom Farm for  five performances.  This was the most extravagant and ambitious event we have undertaken so far, and  absolu...
Squash Blossom Farm · 2M ago

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday: 6th Annual Cow Puja & Farm Fair

The 6th Annual Cow Puja & Farm Fair was held September 25th but photos never got posted. In fact, I thought I had lost the photos I had taken, but just found them on a different computer yes...
Squash Blossom Farm · 2M ago

2016 in the Rear View Mirror

2016 was a crazy, wonderful, intense, hectic year. My farm blog writing fell apart in the last few months, and I didn't even always have time to take photos.  As I start the new year, I reso...
Squash Blossom Farm · 3M ago

Snow At Last!