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Squash Blossom Farm · 3d ago

Wordless Wednesday: Midsommer

Squash Blossom Farm · 1W ago

Spring Sprang and Now Summer is Simmering

Despite my most sincere New Year's resolution, I can't seem to find time to post on this blog  regularly. But I want to keep trying, so here is a quick catch-up post.First, we found a beast ...
Squash Blossom Farm · 1M ago

Wordless Wednesday: May Flower Power

Squash Blossom Farm · 1M ago

LaFonda: In Memoriam

This is the saddest farm post I have ever written and I have been bawling as I write it. My beloved cow, LaFonda is gone. This is the last portrait I took of her.Three weeks ago, when I fed ...
Squash Blossom Farm · 1M ago

Have Heavy, Huge, Awkward Stuff; Will Haul

This morning I was going to write about all our spring preparations and brag about how we are almost ready and spring is already popping--but now it is snowing! It  won' t stick, though, and...
Squash Blossom Farm · 2M ago

Of Spring I Sing!

 Spring has sprung like crazy. So many things I need to write about to catch up on the past month (new intern and gardener, loss of our beloved bovine LaFonda, ReBlossom Festival, broken rib...
Squash Blossom Farm · 2M ago

The Farm in the Fog

It's been a while since I have had time or motivation to go out and take photos for the blog--it has been so dreary and muddy.  Not that I really have time today, but it was such a beautiful...
Squash Blossom Farm · 4M ago

Feb Fog

Squash Blossom Farm · 4M ago

Weirdly Warm Winter Weekend

This was a crazy warm weekend, with temps 40 degrees above normal. There's just one thing to do to when it gets that warm...clean the chicken coop! Well, not JUST one thing -- we also  took ...
Squash Blossom Farm · 4M ago

Disco, Inferno

Disco Ball delivery"The Winter of Our Disco Tent"A cold mid-January night - the perfect time to hold a disco party in the greenhouse!First, we had to find a disco ball. I ended up ordering o...