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State of the Media · 6M ago

Commbasics/State of the Media is moving

After many years of maintaining multiple sites, Footwasher media is consolidating its content into a single website. Commbasics and all its content can be found here. We will be leaving this...
State of the Media · 7M ago

Who is listening to you? You might be surprised

That takes some effort to listen and be aware of what the opportunities actually are but if you ignore them you do so at at your own peril.
State of the Media · 7M ago

Marketing coffee break: Marketing Automation makes investment in people profitable

This is our first interview in a new series on best practices in marketing technology. today we talk to James (Jamie) Morgan, vice president of global sales for SharpSpring, one of our techn...
State of the Media · 7M ago

Navigating to complex world of marketing tech

We're off on a new direction again, advising companies about strategy and teaching content development. Our new video series will feature service vendors and customers to help you better nav...
State of the Media · 9M ago

Sharing is a thing, but it isn’t the only thing.

I received a few emails from a content services vendor this week (Here’s a suggestion…did you get my email… have you read my email…) and after getting over the initial annoyance of a rookie ...
State of the Media · 10M ago

Automation's dirty secret: We still need people

In all cases we have learned that these companies, if they don’t have trainable employees, must invest in employees or consultants with the knowledge and experience. More importantly, those ...
State of the Media · 10M ago

Recruiters and job listing sites do not work

In fact if a job seeker were to place on roulette bet or buy one lottery ticket for every job they apply for on a job listing service, they would be more likely to win a living wage from gam...
State of the Media · 1Y ago

I'm old and you are not. That's good thing.

I turned 64 this year and have been on the receiving end of scams and offers related to social security, dementia and Medicare for weeks now. I'm also getting offered senior discounts withou...
State of the Media · 1Y ago

Survey shows wineries are losing business at a significant rate

By Lou Covey A Footwasher Media survey discovered that most of the wineries outside of two California counties may be losing as many past customers they are gaining new. Overall, the viticul...
State of the Media · 1Y ago

Bring real estate marketing into the 21st century

Footwasher Media has been looking into the arena of real estate marketing and communication for the past couple of years and has come up with a few interesting observations. First and foremo...