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State of Elections · 1M ago

We’re Back!

A new school year has started, and with it comes a new web design! We are currently seeking blog posts, so please email us at with ideas or articles. The post We...
State of Elections · 3M ago

Summer Hiatus

As school is out of session, the blog will be on summer hiatus until the start of the 2017-2018 academic year. The post Summer Hiatus appeared first on State of Elections.
State of Elections · 5M ago

Defining “Compactness”: Meaningless Truism or Gerrymander Slayer?

By: Ben Williams  This past week, an upstart election law reform organization in Virginia garnered national attention for a lawsuit that could redefine the legal strategies of anti-gerrymand...
State of Elections · 5M ago

Balancing Nonpartisan Judicial Elections with Candidates’ First Amendment Rights in Kentucky

  By: Carrie Mattingly In Kentucky, all state court judges are elected in nonpartisan elections. Kentucky’s Code of Judicial Conduct seeks to keep candidates on nonpartisan message. But the ...
State of Elections · 6M ago

Easy Reading? California’s 224-page Voter’s Guide

By: Tyler Sherman As November 8—election day—drew closer and Californians geared up to cast their ballots, election officials mailed out the state’s Official Voter Information Guide. The gui...
State of Elections · 6M ago

In a Battle Between the Delaware General Assembly and a Municipality, The Legislature Won: How A New Delaware Law Prevents Municipalities from Establishing Burdensome Registration Requirements for Municipal Elections

By: Ecker Owen According to a fairly recent survey conducted by the United States government, some 25.7 percent of Americans traveled to the beach over the preceding twelve-month period.  Mo...
State of Elections · 6M ago

Campaign Finance Woes in Connecticut: State Democratic Party, Governor Again Accused of Misusing Funds in 2014 Elections

By: Cris DeBlaise When seeking reelection in 2014, Connecticut incumbent Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy was neck-and-neck in one of the closest gubernatorial races in the country. In a la...
State of Elections · 6M ago

Idealism vs. Realism: Alternative Paths to Redistricting Reform in an Anticompetitive World

By: Ben Williams In my previous post for this blog, I compared the competitiveness of congressional races in various states which have enacted redistricting reform to one another—and to the ...
State of Elections · 6M ago

A Bad Year for Kansas’s Kobach and Newby

By: Norma Volkmer It has not been a good year for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and former Johnson County, Kansas Election Commissioner Brian Newby. Newby is currently the executive ...
State of Elections · 6M ago

The Demise of North Dakota’s Voter Identification Law

In one sense, North Dakota’s voting laws are lax as North Dakota is the only state without voter registration requirements.  In another sense, North Dakota’s voting laws are anything but lax...