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Stella Pierides · 5d ago

‘mother’s day’

mother’s day the many colours of gratitude . Incense Dreams journal issue 1, May 2017, p.49 Tagged: gratitude, Incense Dreams, Mother's Day, published
Stella Pierides · 1W ago


Weitmannsee, near Augsburg. Where clouds go to admire themselves on earth as it is in heaven Tagged: Augsburg, photo, Weitmannsee
Stella Pierides · 2W ago

Rest in Peace, Florian

Sad news. A week today, Florian passed away. Heart failure. He was only six years old. He had lived the first few years of his life outside, in a garden; then he came to us. I’d like to thin...
Stella Pierides · 3W ago

‘sowing my dreams’

Tagged: haiga, haiku, sowing my dreams, stone
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

EarthRise Rolling Collaborative Haiku 2017

The EarthRise Rolling Collaborative Haiku 2017, the world’s longest poem, on the theme of Reconciliation, is now collated and ready to treasure! You can find it in The Haiku Foundation site ...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

‘Fish Bowl’ in KF7

  The simulation hypothesis is not new. The idea that we are being held inside a complete, self-sustaining simulated biosphere, observed, and made to believe it is real has precedents in ear...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

Paintings & Haiku Cards

Good to see my haiku travelling to new and exciting places, accompanying Maria Pierides’s forthcoming exhibitions of her paintings in a number of venues in South Wales. Maria has printed sel...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago


Tagged: edelweiss, haiga, haiku
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

“refugee child” wins prize!

Delighted to learn that my poem “refugee child” received first prize in the Romanian contest “Sharpening the Green Pencil, 2017.” Thank you to the judges, and especially Cezar Florin Ciobiza...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

Fight on! (in re:Virals 80)

What does it mean to wake up facing a fist pressing hard against your window? How does one cope with such a threat, day in, day out? The morning presses its hot fist against the window: the ...