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Stella Pierides · 20h ago

A Walk Through the Cypress Grove

We die alone. We disembark on the Isle of the Dead with our heads filled with illusions. Vague memories of loves and hurts, envy and resentments. Perhaps holding hands with those who still c...
Stella Pierides · 2W ago

The Surface of Things

On its 50th anniversary, the Museum received a gift towards establishing a Collection of Lost Words. The three curators entrusted with this project, feeling an overwhelming sense of responsi...
Stella Pierides · 4W ago

Greek Dinner Around the World 2018

It was this time of the year again! 15th of January, Greek Dinner Around the World Day! The world’s largest dinner party celebrating Greek people, culture and influences that have shaped our...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

Euro Top 2017

Happy to be included in the Haiku Eurotop once again! Grateful to  Krzysztof Kokot for including me in his annual list of  ‘The European Top 100 haiku authors in 2017!’ Congratulations to al...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

‘gathering moss’ entry to the EQK #20

gathering moss… small mercies of the quiet life . My entry to the EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI #20 – Winter 2017 Edition received 9 pts. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to the...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

Season’s Greetings

Happy and Peaceful Holidays! Warmest wishes for a healthy and fruitful New Year 2018!    
Stella Pierides · 2M ago

‘Squares with Circles’ in Ekphrasis, The BHS Members’ Anthology 2017

squares with circles – listening to the colours sing . After the painting Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913, by Wassily Kandinsky. Poem appears on p. 51 of Ekphrasis, The Br...
Stella Pierides · 2M ago

‘halloween,’ ‘plastic fibres,’ and ‘besides’ in Blithe Spirit

halloween… I feel the pumpkin for soft spots . plastic fibres the process of becoming eternal . besides poetry the weight of the now . In Blithe Spirit, vol 27, no 4 .
Stella Pierides · 2M ago

‘End Note’ in Haibun Today

The handwritten letter is long, the paper creased, stained. The stamps on the envelope, though, are glued perfectly straight, indicating help with the posting. It takes me time to decipher t...
Stella Pierides · 2M ago

In Twos

Her glasses are on the night table. Propped up on two cushions, she is asleep, her mouth half-open, a bubble of saliva shifting on her lip with every breath. The ceiling fan purrs. A quiet r...