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Stella Pierides · 1d ago

Fight on! (in re:Virals 80)

What does it mean to wake up facing a fist pressing hard against your window? How does one cope with such a threat, day in, day out? The morning presses its hot fist against the window: the ...
Stella Pierides · 1W ago

“Haiku and the Brain” in Juxtapositions

A week ago,  I mentioned in this blog a second paper, addressing the haiku community, Haiku and the Brain: an Exploratory Study, in Juxtapositions: The Journal of Haiku Research and Scholars...
Stella Pierides · 1W ago

“laughing babies meet hermit crabs”

Delighted to have two of my haiku: “juggling” and “hermit crab,” appear on Jennifer Hambrick‘s Inner Voices as part of the International Women’s Haiku Festival. And I love Jennifer’s comment...
Stella Pierides · 2W ago

‘steam room’ and ‘Christmas Day’ in Blithe Spirit

Christmas Day the Home visitors bearing gifts . steam room— letting go of my bones . In Blithe Spirit, Journal of The British Haiku Society, vol. 27, n.1, Feb. 2017 Tagged: Blithe Spirit, Ch...
Stella Pierides · 2W ago

Haiku and the Brain: An exploratory study

The relationship between poetry and science has been a long-standing fascination of mine. I am happy to report that for the last couple of years I have been involved in a study spanning the ...
Stella Pierides · 3W ago

‘Out of This World’ in Haibun Today

Out of This World In the deepest of dark nights, the idea that we may be living in a computer simulation created by a higher intelligence appeals to me. I muse over the possibility that we m...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

‘poetic license’

poetic license— returning to earth sunburnt Laika . In right hand pointing winter haiku 2017 issue 107 low sky Tagged: haiku, poetic license, published, Right Hand Pointing
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

‘Touching’ bringing poetry & science together

Touching Imagine your left hand is being made to feel a brief vibration and you’re being asked to estimate how long this vibration lasts. In one version of this scenario, you are holding a s...
Stella Pierides · 1M ago

‘dust devils’

dust devils: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2016, edited by Jim Kacian & the Red Moon Editorial Staff is now out and available to purchase. From their website: The Red Moon...
Stella Pierides · 2M ago


Serendipity! On the day I was informed that my haibun Touching —inspired by a scientific project carried out at LMU university Munich — would be featured on the LMU website, I came across an...