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Stephen Rees's blog · 4h ago

What if we took transit out of politics

The article in the Globe and Mail (paywalled – sorry!) actually is entitled “What if we took transit out of the hands of politicians?” And looks at the sorry record of the Greater Toronto Ar...
Stephen Rees's blog · 4d ago

Evil: A Matter of Intent

Evil is not just a random cosmic accident - it does not just happen. Acts of evil are premeditated and intentional
Stephen Rees's blog · 5d ago

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

evanescent = any fleeting moment in time I used to do more sunset pictures than I do now. That’s because the longer we live here, the taller the trees around us are – and the less of a sunse...
Stephen Rees's blog · 1W ago

You can’t handle the truth

There was a hard hitting article in the Globe and Mail, which I didn’t read because it is behind a paywall and the Grope and Wail is predictably right wing, especially where climate change i...
Stephen Rees's blog · 1W ago

Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

This is a photo I took nearly a year ago. York Minster the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe. Built on much older structures, the remains of which can be seen in the crypt. It woul...
Stephen Rees's blog · 1W ago

Death Spiral for Big Oil and Big Auto

I have taken a chunk out of the title of the original article in the National Post. All fossil-fuel vehicles will vanish in 8 years in twin ‘death spiral’ for big oil and big autos, says stu...
Stephen Rees's blog · 1W ago

Greenpeace launches worldwide campaign for free speech

I am putting this here just to see how many mainstream media outlets actually give this coverage.  I will add links to their stories here as I find them. Three so far Winnipeg Free Press Yah...
Stephen Rees's blog · 2W ago

Why we’re taking the Port to court

From Kevin Washbrook via FraserVoices After three years of preparation, Ecojustice goes to Court on behalf of VTACC and Communities and Coal this Wednesday to challenge Port Authority approv...
Stephen Rees's blog · 2W ago

History strikes again

Britain's major roads once had separated cycle tracks - and could do again
Stephen Rees's blog · 2W ago

“Smaller, lighter, greener: are micro EVs the future of city transport?”

Are micro EVs the future of city transport? Of course not. It's much more interesting than that!