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Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1W ago

The Best Invitation You Will Ever Receive

If we are ultimately concerned with something that is not truly ultimate, then we will surrender to its demands, often at great cost, and in the end, be left simply weary of the burden, but ...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 2W ago

The Way Christians Look at the World

Sermon on Genesis 18:1-14 and Matthew 10:40-42 for Pentecost +4A, July 2, 2017 Genesis 18:1-14 The Lord appeared to Abraham by the oaks of Mamre, as he sat at the entrance of his tent in the...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 3W ago

The Counter of of Uncountable Nouns

There are only two ways to go through life.  One way is to go through life with fear and dread, resisting and fighting the bad that happens, being angry, resentful, and eventually bitter.  T...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1M ago

Jesus’ Father(s)

Perhaps it was in learning to forgive Mary, as his father, Joseph, had done, that led him to understand the depth of the power of forgiveness. 
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1M ago

Mystery and Meaning

So when we confess the Trinity, we point to a mystery that tries to say, in admittedly human language, that God is at least personal and has made all of us in God’s image.  To be fully human...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1M ago

The Spirit’s Language(s)

The days of frown-faced, negative, narrow-minded judgmentalism are over. We, in this community, live in the joyful open-heartedness of a loving God who walks with us, through all of our day...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1M ago

Our Values

I do not believe that an army is the most helpful metaphor for the church, but there are interesting parallels. I believe we are called to the high standards that these military values hold...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 2M ago

A Beautiful Faith

Mother’s Day does give us the opportunity to reflect on God. Our theology is very clear that God is beyond gender. God is not a man. Neither is God a woman. God is above gender. Genesis say...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 2M ago

Following the Shepherd Out

Our vision is of a world in which, as the prophets imagined it, “The wolf shall live with the lamb"... I personally believe that a lot of the church in our country has been convinced that ...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 2M ago

Eyes Broken Open

The Christian insight here is that a life lived in the quest to avoid suffering is a fool’s errand at best, and, in the end, becomes a cause of suffering for others. But the life lived embra...