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English - Lectionary, Ethics, Jesus
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 5h ago

Being the Beloved Community of the Called

For Jesus, the kingdom was not coming with divine fire from heaven, but through the slow, steady growth of a community of people who had been called to embrace this new vision.  God will not...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 2W ago

Connected to the Past, Open to the Future

Sermon on Luke 2:22-40 for December 31, 2017, Christmas +1B Luke 2:22-40 When the time came for their purification according to the law of Moses, they brought him up to Jerusalem to present ...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 4W ago

“Let It Be”

Artists have made Mary look like the people of their own culture, which is probably the correct way to imagine her, if you are taking this story seriously.  Mary is the model disciple.  She ...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1M ago

The Light In the Darkness Shines

In the dark days before the winter solstice, we put up our Christmas lights because darkness cannot have the last word.  We believe in a light that has come, and by that light, we see everyt...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1M ago

Taking Comfort Where We Can

God is present, leading us, as gently as a shepherd does, towards a new future that includes goodness, beauty and truth.  God is there providing new possibilities for us to join the great mo...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1M ago

The Coming Catastrophe

I entitled this sermon, “The Coming Catastrophe”, not because I can predict the next one, but world history and the events of my own lifetime lead me to believe that more are coming.  There ...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 1M ago

The Community that Calls Christ King

Jesus never asked anyone to honor him.  But he did say that honoring “the least of these” was the way we should live, and that the king at the end of the ages would take it personally.
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 2M ago

Vision and Longing

“Establish justice” - make it happen.  There is no room for passivity; this must be our passion.  Why?  Because when there is injustice, people suffer.  They get trampled on.  They get pushe...
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 2M ago

“You are all students” he said.

If we are going to wear a title, let it be that we are students.
Steven Kurtz's Blog · 2M ago

Reformed DNA: Always Reforming

One of the questions we ask ourselves, in order to make an honest self-exams is this:  “What if everyone did as I did, or as I am considering doing?” What if everyone showed their love for...