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Stickpoet Super Hero · 5d ago

Confession Tuesday - I know who the moron is, edition.

Dear Reader:It has been seven weeks since my last confession. These things happen. You get busy, you get tired, you find yourself in a trance, or lost in a poem whose end has not been writte...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 1M ago

Confession Tuesday - The Totality of it All

Dear Reader: It has been precisely one trip to the butterfly gardens and one total eclipse of the heart - I mean the sun since my last confession. I confess reader that I don't have a lot to...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 2M ago

Confession Tuesday - Got Respect edition

Dear Reader:It's been one house sale, several rejection letters, the Giants have gone 16 -21, North Korea has launched 2 ballistic missiles, and the President has given aid and comfort to ne...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 3M ago

And today....

Stickpoet Super Hero · 3M ago

Confession Tuesday Baby - Caroline Edition

Dear Reader:It's been a a whole month since my last confession. Far too many disgusting Trump Tweets,  too many fucking fireworks going off as my wife is trying to nap and the dogs are going...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 3M ago

Potter Milestone

Twenty years ago today the first HARRY POTTER arrived in stores. Lot of people have grown up on Harry Potter.JK Rowling - Author
Stickpoet Super Hero · 3M ago

Poetry Is My Compass

The road ahead is not always sunny, there will be patches of sun just as there are spots of darkness and  splotches of shadows. As I get older I believe that poetry - both reading it and wri...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 4M ago

2017 Poet Crush List 6-Pack

It's time for my 2017 annual Poets Crush List.  There are many in my view writing noteworthy poetry these days that it is hard to narrow this down to six, but alas, this is a Crush 6- Pack.I...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 4M ago

Confession Tuesday - The Need to Read Edition

Dear Reader:It's been one surrender in world climate leadership to China, continued multiple insults to European allies, leaked inelegance confirming Russia hacked a voter/election software ...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 4M ago

Confession Tuesday - Memory Lane Edition

Dear Reader:It has been one fucked up Great Room, boxes packed & unpacked, one faux president that left the country, embarrassed us overseas and returned, me reestablishing a writing studio ...