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Stickpoet Super Hero · 20h ago

Poetry Is My Compass

The road ahead is not always sunny, there will be patches of sun just as there are spots of darkness and  splotches of shadows. As I get older I believe that poetry - both reading it and wri...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 5d ago

2017 Poet Crush List 6-Pack

It's time for my 2017 annual Poets Crush List.  There are many in my view writing noteworthy poetry these days that it is hard to narrow this down to six, but alas, this is a Crush 6- Pack.I...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 2W ago

Confession Tuesday - The Need to Read Edition

Dear Reader:It's been one surrender in world climate leadership to China, continued multiple insults to European allies, leaked inelegance confirming Russia hacked a voter/election software ...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 3W ago

Confession Tuesday - Memory Lane Edition

Dear Reader:It has been one fucked up Great Room, boxes packed & unpacked, one faux president that left the country, embarrassed us overseas and returned, me reestablishing a writing studio ...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 1M ago

Confession Tuesday - Poetry Contest - Goals - and Trump in Orange Jumpsuit Edition

Dear Reader:I've entered one poetry contest, sent out 4 poems, all new (meaning they have never been submitted anywhere else before), concluded Module 6 in the Spring Writer 2 Writer program...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 1M ago

Art & Public Opinion

The artist is chosen by God to fulfill his commands and must never be overwhelmed by public opinion. ~ Albrecht Durer
Stickpoet Super Hero · 1M ago

Confession Tuesday - Elephant in the Room

Dear Reader - It's been a string of rainy days that came and went, I poetry month complete with 30 poetry drafts that ended and the arrival of one new poetry book since my last confession.To...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 1M ago

30 Days Has April

And I successfully have 30 new poem drafts! 
Stickpoet Super Hero · 1M ago

Confession Tuesday - Crying over my Beer

Dear Reader:It's been one book ordered, zero new books arrived, one nail in the Pickup tire, seven more days of the poetry-a day challenge, one Sunday breakfast out with the family and one w...
Stickpoet Super Hero · 2M ago

Confession Tuesday- The Giants are Coming Edition

Dear Reader:It's been one Federal and one State Tax Return filed, one phone call from Ken Waldman my  mentor, and another week of National Poetry Month since my last confession.Let me get ri...