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Stinkydog · 6d ago

My Ding A ling

So, you know how you how you have these songs that you remember singing as a kid that just stay with you and they're just, I dunno, the BASICS of your musical knowledge?  This, for what it i...
Stinkydog · 1W ago


As you may remember, we adopted Mr. Bean when he was 6 weeks old... just a few days before we went into the hospital to have Hopper. We make great decisions like that. Still, for eight years...
Stinkydog · 1W ago

Travis County Fair & Rodeo 2017

We did have fun today, minus that whole Pirate Ship Incident.  It was a gorgeous day and those 16 hours we spent at the fairgrounds seemed to fly by! (no they didn't).  I have nothing really...
Stinkydog · 1W ago

Anatomy of a Ride Gone Wrong

First of all, I'd just like to point out that there WAS in fact a height requirement for this ride and he met it. Secondly, there is no merit to this post other than I could see this unfoldi...
Stinkydog · 1W ago

More covered in animal spit than usual

We started our Spring Break by visiting the Exotic Animal Zoo Resort which is about an hour outside of Austin in Johnson City. It was a chilly and crappy day, but Rowan has high hopes for th...
Stinkydog · 1W ago

Don't Look 'Em In the Eye

Scene:  We're in the living room and I watch out of the corner of my eye as my six year old goes to take a toy out of the mouth of the tiny dog we are fostering, the one with major resource ...
Stinkydog · 2W ago

Don't Sniff the Shit

When you're younger, older people say things to you all the time that you either a) ignore b) roll your eyes at or c.) forget completely.  And it's ok. The old person is having a moment and ...
Stinkydog · 2W ago

The Eight Faces of Eight

This one is 8 years old today. I asked him to please stand still and let me take a picture of him. Accordingly, he did this:
Stinkydog · 3W ago

Butt Itches

I need a joke. And not just a joke, I need a long joke that isn't scary, isn't dirty, isn't misogynistic isn't political, can be easily understood by first and second graders and can in no w...
Stinkydog · 3W ago

The Hoots

Last Wednesday I was driving home when I saw this little white furball shoot out from the side of the road into four lanes of traffic, running straight under the car in front of me. I was pr...