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Storybook Felts · 1Y ago

Miss Mousy and Her Baby Brother

I have been working on a mouse as a gift for one of my daughter teachers.  I have come up with two different versions. A big one and a small one.  The small one I ended up making a diaper an...
Storybook Felts · 1Y ago

Tooth Pouches for Stella and Kipton

Another cute set of Tooth Fairy pouches heading out to catch wiggly teeth.
Storybook Felts · 1Y ago

Custom Astronaut

Just finished up a custom order for an Astronaut and pup set.  This one was done with blonde hair.  I think he turned out really cute.
Storybook Felts · 1Y ago

Customer Ballerina Order

Just finished up a custom order for a ballerina set and sent it out this week.They chose a yellow cover instead of the darker pink.  I just love the little girls name it is so sweet. This se...
Storybook Felts · 1Y ago

It's Been Awhile...

It's been awhile since I have been here to visit with all of you. I thought I would stop by and say hello. This month has been crazy busy with order from the shop. I haven't had much time to...
Storybook Felts · 1Y ago

Giveaway on Instagram

Hope over to the Storybook Felts Instagram page and enter to win a Christmas Cupcake. Good Luck!!
Storybook Felts · 1Y ago

Christmas Cupcakes and Christmas Buddies

I am sew excited to announce that Christmas cupcakes and Christmas Buddies will be up in the shop this week. If you would like to pre-order them here before I get them listed just leave me a...
Storybook Felts · 2Y ago

Fun Custom Order

Just finished up a fun custom order for 25 little Christmas Elves.They are going to attach pictures of the Children in a school class to the faces of the elves and then use them to decorate ...