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Storyteller-skgregory · 1w ago

Nocturnia: The Prophecy and Her Dark Angel of the Night by Scerina Elizabeth

Her Dark Angel of The Night  - Scerina Johnson's world is flipped upside down when a mysterious man enters her life. At first he haunts her in her dreams only to find out he is indeed real and not only that, her guardian angel sent to watch over her ...
Storyteller-skgregory · 1W ago

Blackrock by S. K. Gregory - Out December 5th

Blackrock isn't like any other town - Kasey is about to find that out, the hard way. Hexes, witches and an ancient curse? It sounds like a fantasy story to army brat, Kasey, but when she witnesses magic with her own eyes, she can't deny that Blackroc...
Storyteller-skgregory · 1W ago

The Goddess Trilogy by JS Comiskey

When journalism student Lola Paige starts working for her local rag, she’s resigned to an uneventful summer. But after her friend and mentor dies in mysterious circumstances, closely followed by the discovery of a local teenager’s body, Lola’s invest...
Storyteller-skgregory · 3W ago

Mistletoe and Mischief - A Free Festive Collection

Enjoy this collection of paranormal fantasy tales, this festive season. The collection is free at the following retailers.Amazon USAmazon UK (Bookfunnel)NookKoboiBooks Giveaway [...]
Storyteller-skgregory · 1M ago

Demon Riders By Jack Holder

Demon Riders is part of a Kickstarter project from author Jack Holder.In the near future, the world is overrun by magic, demons walk the world and Demon Riders like Kait Demonborn are responsible for keeping them in line and protecting humans. As her...
Storyteller-skgregory · 2M ago

Wicked Fallout by Kelly Charron

Wicked FalloutKelly Charron(Pretty Wicked #2)Publication date: July 17th 2017Genres: Adult...
Storyteller-skgregory · 2M ago

Andrew Joyce - Bedtime Stories for Adults

What you are about to read is a true story. It’s from my book, Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups. It came about because my editor hounded me for two years to put all my short stories into one collection. Actually, it was supposed to be a two-volume set b...
Storyteller-skgregory · 2M ago

Fallen Halos by Erin Hayes and Rebecca Hamilton

Fallen HalosErin Hayes & Rebecca HamiltonPublication date: October 3rd 2017Genres: Adult, ...
Storyteller-skgregory · 2M ago

The Man in the Black Top Hat by Ju Ephraime

1) Tell us about your bookThis book was written based on a true story that was given to me by a woman I was acquainted with. Some of the activities by the ghost are exaggerated, but it carries the gist of the story. For example, the woman did donate ...
Storyteller-skgregory · 2M ago

Haunted House Harbor by Roma Gray

 1. Tell us about your book Haunted House Harbor: Humanity’s Hope (book 1): The world has just been struck by the “Perfect Apocalypse”: Nuclear bombs, disease, famine, zombies, killer bees and many other hidden terrors. As the world crumbles, a group...