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Straight Parent, Gay Kid Have questions? I've been there myself and have some answers

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Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1w ago

A Straight Mother Thanks Edie Windsor

When our gay son was in his twenties, before President Obama’s evolvement of “sacred” civil marriage unions and President Clinton’s signature on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA),  he annou...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2W ago

When The School Personnel Are The Bullies

What’s A Parent To Do?Schools must do all it can to help stop and prevent bullying it knows or should have known was happening in their district.  Otherwise, the school can become legally re...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3W ago

Joey Slivinski & Thomas Swartz “Most likely to Succeed” (in my book anyway)

In most high schools across America, yearbooks contain quotes under seniors’ pictures.  You’re familiar with the common ones:  “The only way to have a friend is to be one,” or “She walks in ...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1M ago

The Bells Are Ringing For You and Your Child

After what seems like a long summer recess, parents often look forward to their children returning to school.  But not so for their children, if they are LGBT. For them,  school means more t...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2M ago

Sex Ed. From Teen Vogue More Inclusive Than Schools’ Versions

On July 7th, the popular Teen Vogue, aimed at 12-17 year-olds, published an online article “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know/How To Do It The Right Way  that has Conservative right-wingers wo...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2M ago

What Your Child Fears Most When He Comes Out To You

You think you know your child.  And suddenly, when he comes out, the news can be such a surprise to you that your brain goes into denial mode.  This news goes against the grain of the tradit...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2M ago

How Does Your Child Know He's Gay?

It’s not for parents to doubt.  When a child comes out, many parents believe it’s a phase.  How could a ‘tween or teen know at such a young age, especially if he is still a virgin?In this re...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3M ago

What's With LGBT-Exclusionary Sex Ed?

What’s With LGBT- EXCLUSIONARY Sex Ed?Why doesn’t sex ed in schools apply to LGBT students.  Did you know thatin most states except California, Colorado, Iowa, Washington, and Washington, D....
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3M ago

When Your Child Comes Out, The Family Dynamic Changes

Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 4M ago