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Straight Parent, Gay Kid Have questions? I've been there myself and have some answers

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Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 6h ago

Sex Ed. From Teen Vogue More Inclusive Than Schools’ Versions

On July 7th, the popular Teen Vogue, aimed at 12-17 year-olds, published an online article “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know/How To Do It The Right Way  that has Conservative right-wingers wo...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1W ago

What Your Child Fears Most When He Comes Out To You

You think you know your child.  And suddenly, when he comes out, the news can be such a surprise to you that your brain goes into denial mode.  This news goes against the grain of the tradit...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3W ago

How Does Your Child Know He's Gay?

It’s not for parents to doubt.  When a child comes out, many parents believe it’s a phase.  How could a ‘tween or teen know at such a young age, especially if he is still a virgin?In this re...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1M ago

What's With LGBT-Exclusionary Sex Ed?

What’s With LGBT- EXCLUSIONARY Sex Ed?Why doesn’t sex ed in schools apply to LGBT students.  Did you know thatin most states except California, Colorado, Iowa, Washington, and Washington, D....
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1M ago

When Your Child Comes Out, The Family Dynamic Changes

Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2M ago


Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2M ago


Homophobia, the stigma of being LGBT, and discrimination can all affect the mental health of your child.  How do you know if your child is well-adjusted to his sexual orientation?  Keep the ...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3M ago

What Your LGBT Child Wants To Hear From You

Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3M ago

The Gender Spectrum Defined

Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3M ago

Prepare for GLSEN's Day of Silence, April 21