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Straight Parent, Gay Kid Have questions? I've been there myself and have some answers

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Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1W ago

Teacher Appreciate Week May 7-11

Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11 GLSEN.ORG/thankateacher)For LGBT youth, school can be an ordeal.  They can be singled out, bullied, feel unsafe in an environment that’s supposed to be fr...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2W ago

Are Your LGBT Kids Mentally Healthy?

                      What Parents Can Do To Ensure They AreMay is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Do you realize that research shows that LGBT individuals are three times more likely to ex...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1M ago

But We Only Did It Once"

I remember seeing this striking headline for a Planned Parenthood ad at New York’s One Club for Art & Copy in 1979.  The print advertisement won a Gold Award.Fast forward to 2018.  Kids are ...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1M ago

Transgender Pain Is Visible on Trans Day of Visibility 2018

Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 1M ago

John Oliver’s Marlon Bundo Is More Than A Parody

Jill Twiss’s parody of Vice President’s rabbit Marlon Bundo hippity-hopped to No. 1 on Amazon  a day before the release of Pence’s daughter Charlotte’s children’s book about their real famil...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2M ago

Who’s In Charge When A Child Comes Out?

When a child comes out, the family dynamic changes.  It’s a role reversal.  The child is perceived as being “in charge.” But you play a vital role.  Don’t “roll over and play dead.”Your resp...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2M ago

What To Expect From PFLAG

  Parents feel better when they realize that they are not alone and that there are parents like them who are experiencing similar thoughts, feelings and reactions to having
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 2M ago

Slouching Toward Equality In The Workplace

Gay workers in Connecticut, New York, and Vermont will sleep better tonight knowing that yesterday a federal appeals court in Manhattan ruled that gay employees are allowed to sue their empl...
Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3M ago

Mike Pence Is On Thin Ice with Rippon

Straight Parent, Gay Kid · 3M ago

Who Is Kristin Beck? Why We Should Care

   Just last week, I watched a documentary entitled “Lady Valor:  The Kristin Beck Story,” released in 2014, at our local theatre.  The movie was preceded by Beck’s memoire Warrior Princess...