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Stuck in a Book · 12h ago

Tea or Books? #34: novels based on real life: yes or no?, and A Pin To See The Peepshow vs Messalina of the Suburbs

E M Delafield, F Tennyson Jesse, and novels about real people – that’s what’s on the menu for episode 34.   It’s very nice to have Rachel back (hi Rachel!) and we’ve both been doing homework...
Stuck in a Book · 4d ago

R.C. Sherriff over at Vulpes Libris

A quick note to say that I’m over at Vulpes Libris today, talking about how much I like The Fortnight in September and Greengates by R.C. Sherriff. If you listened to our Tea or Books? episo...
Stuck in a Book · 1W ago

A little bit of theatre

It’s been quite the week for theatre and cinema – if going three times counts as ‘quite the week’, which I rather think it does. And that’s not even including watching Crush on DVD because i...
Stuck in a Book · 1W ago

Project 24: Book 1

It’s taken five weeks, but I’ve bought my first book of 2017! In case you’ve missed this project, I’m only buying 24 books throughout the year. It wouldn’t be a challenge for everybody, but ...
Stuck in a Book · 2W ago

StuckinaBook’s Weekend Miscellany

I’ve been coldy most of the week, so haven’t done much reading or blogging – slowly working my way through A Pin To See the Peepshow and (spoilers for the next podcast ep) it’s marvellous. B...
Stuck in a Book · 3W ago

Tea or Books? #33: a Thomas twins crossover special!

C.S. Lewis, Meryl Streep, and Alfred Hitchcock! What do they have in common? They all appear in this special crossover episode – where Tea or Books? meets my brother’s podcast The C of Z of ...
Stuck in a Book · 3W ago

Stuck in a Book’s Weekend Miscellany

I’m looking after my friend’s cat this weekend – yes, you’re right, I do live the high life – and trying to make sure I’m not actually heading into reader’s block. And I’m doing that by snea...
Stuck in a Book · 3W ago

Closely Observed Trains by Bohumil Hrabal

Just a quick post to point you in the direction of my latest blog post for Vulpes Libris: Closely Observed Trains (1965) by Bohumil Hrabal. Go and have a gander here; I’ve ended up reading r...
Stuck in a Book · 4W ago

Reading stats for 2016

Apparently I wrote my 2015 stats on the first day of 2016, which suggests I was rather more organised then than I’ve managed so far in 2017 – but at least it’s still January, right? I partic...
Stuck in a Book · 4W ago

StuckinaBook’s Weekend Miscellany

I’m off to Bristol this weekend, so scheduling a weekend miscellany in advance. As I write, it’s pre-Trump-inauguration, so… well, let’s just say the past is a different country and I’m writing from it. 1.) The link – Hannah at