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Stuck in a Book · 2d ago

Tea or Books? #54: Reading Children’s Books as Children vs Adults, and Tom’s Midnight Garden vs The Secret Garden

A children’s books special today, featuring Frances Hodgson Burnett and Philippa Pearce. Not in person, you understand.   In the first half of the episode, we discuss whether it’s better to ...
Stuck in a Book · 5d ago

Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh

My book group read Vile Bodies (1930) by Evelyn Waugh – his second novel, and the fifth one I’ve read by him. I have a mixed history with Waugh, and this one hasn’t helped clear things up much. The novel focuses
Stuck in a Book · 1w ago

Which books did I buy in February?

I’m planning to do this list for every month, as a way of showing myself what’s finding it...
Stuck in a Book · 1W ago

Bill the Conqueror by P.G. Wodehouse

Somewhat surprisingly, given that it was all about children’s books, Lucy Mangan’s Bookworm had me heading straight to the bookshelf for a P.G. Wodehouse. She wrote a very convincing compari...
Stuck in a Book · 1W ago

Some books for International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, and a good opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements around the world, as well as highlighting the areas where women still face disproportionate risk, dis...
Stuck in a Book · 1W ago

Comments and spam

Just a quick note that I’m having some issues with comments and spam – I’ve just changed the anti-spam plugin I use, that will hopefully fix the problem. Please bear with me! I appreciate yo...
Stuck in a Book · 2W ago

Bookworm by Lucy Mangan

I heard about Bookworm (2018) by Lucy Mangan on Twitter, I think, or perhaps another blog – but as soon as I’d heard the subtitle (‘a memoir of childhood reading’) I knew that I had to read it. I think it was
Stuck in a Book · 2W ago

Tea or Books? #53: Top of TBR vs Bottom of TBR, and The Bookshop vs According to Mark

It’s the battle of the Penelopes – and which books we’re most likely to read first (top or bottom of the pile?)   Rachel is back (hurray!) – many thanks to Karen for taking her seat last tim...
Stuck in a Book · 2W ago

Publishers are sneaky (or: my book group read The Reader on the 6.27)

My book group recently read The Reader on the 6.27 (2014) by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent, translated from the French by Ros Schwartz. The novella (which the publishing house has made look more l...
Stuck in a Book · 2W ago

Still Missing by Beth Gutcheon

During the Persephone Readathon, I chose to read Still Missing by Beth Gutcheon – which is...