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Stuck in a Book · 14h ago

Our Women: Chapters on the Sex Discord by Arnold Bennett

You know who needs to comment on the role of women? It’s Arnold Bennett! In 1920! Look, ob...
Stuck in a Book · 2d ago

Tea or Books? #39: spoilers or no spoilers, and Anne of Green Gables vs Daddy Long-Legs

Special guest Jenny joins us for episode 39 – discussing children’s classics and spoilers!   I was SO excited that Jenny agreed to join me and Rachel on ‘Tea or Books?’ while she was visitin...
Stuck in a Book · 4d ago

The ABC of Authorship by Ursula Bloom

One of the Project 24 books I mentioned the other day was The ABC of Authorship (1938) by Ursula Bloom – and, just as I couldn’t resist buying it, equally I couldn’t resist immediately reading it. For sound advice in 2017, it’s
Stuck in a Book · 6d ago

The Chinese Garden by Rosemary Manning

Remember when I went to Edinburgh last year and every review for months seemed to start with ‘this is another book I read in Edinburgh’? Well, the same thing might happen here – since I read...
Stuck in a Book · 1w ago

A (shamefaced) Project 24 update

It was all going so well. I’d only bought 7 books so far all year. I was – let’s be honest...
Stuck in a Book · 1W ago

The Three Sisters by May Sinclair

I want to have a stern word with Virago Modern Classics – or, at least, whoever was in charge of cover design back in the 1980s. Normally pretty great, the choice of cover image for their reprint of May Sinclair’s
Stuck in a Book · 2W ago

Song for a Sunday

This was one of Ali Smith’s choices when she was on Desert Island Discs, and I love it – it’s a Gaelic version of The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’:
Stuck in a Book · 2W ago

Ursula Orange and H.G. Wells

Thanks for the comments on the previous post – it felt a bit scary to ‘put myself out there’ with poetry, as opposed to tried and true book reviews, so I really appreciate the comments there...
Stuck in a Book · 2W ago

10 poems I wrote during Lent

In the comments to my post about writing poems during Lent, a few people were kind enough to say that they’d like to read some more of the poems I wrote. I will cautiously oblige! Some of th...
Stuck in a Book · 3W ago

Tea or Books? #38: male characters by women vs female characters by men, and Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont vs At The Jerusalem

Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Bailey, and a bit of a debate about male and female characters. Here’s episode 38 – which is unusually short, but hopefully fun nonetheless. I’ve left in an amusing mo...