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Stuff From Ellen's Head · 19h ago

mortal conditions

Walking over to the shop the other day I looked down in the street and there was a green snake near the edge. 
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 2d ago

have I mentioned how busy I am?

I should be writing a reply email to a man I have known for 50 years. I'm not, obviously, but I will. I'm sort of amazed that he has kept up with me all this time since he moved to Iowa an...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 4d ago

work of one kind or another for the foreseeable future

The last three small drowned feathers are in the kiln. The first three came out well though I think the white sand on one of them was a mistake as well as that pale gray for two of the rock...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 1w ago

another day pretty much like the previous days

I've been filling molds. Three down and in the kiln, one done and two to go. I walked the perimeter of the house fluffing up the poor crushed ferns and picking up all the trash and debris ...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 1W ago

my refusal to conform has come back to bite me in the ass

FEMA inspection was a week ago and no money in the bank. Went back to the Civic Center again, signed in, and sat across from another FEMA agent who told me that my claim had been rejected...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 1W ago

finally fall, for a few days anyway

Tuesday (with edits)...There's a cool front blowing in and it's raining leaves. I had just swept the concrete apron of the driveway clear of leaves a week ago and already yesterday it was n...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 2W ago

more of the same

I have sort of reclaimed my studio in the house. After taking down all the old paneling and associated pieces around the doors and windows, removed all the exposed insulation, pulled all th...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 2W ago

finally FEMA and work of one kind and another

The samples are out of the kiln, two molds are made, and Tuesday I visited FEMA to make sure that they were satisfied that I am who I say I am, and started back on demolition. The paneling ...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 2W ago

this is who we are

So. Once again, for the 273rd time in 275 days in this year alone, (383 in 2016), the nature of this society called America has shown itself in spades. And it ain't pretty. But apparently...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 3W ago

weekend chores

It's been pretty busy around here the last few days. Friday, I got my spinach, lettuce, and beet seeds planted, finished cleaning and drying the last of the few bottles of frit that got dam...