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Stuff From Ellen's Head · 14h ago

rite of passage

Well, it didn't take us 5 hours and 15 minutes to get to our hotel. It took over 7 hours. Most of the approx. 250 mile drive on the state highways and county roads was pleasant enough, dri...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 4d ago

wrapping up the week

Today we leave for Dallas. We found an alternate route that keeps us off the interstate almost the whole way and it only takes 3 minutes longer...5 hours and 15 minutes in all. I thought i...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 1W ago

observations and absurdities

Stuff From Ellen's Head · 1W ago

America under Trump and this is just in the last week or so

House Republicans voted on a bill that would let employers demand genetic testing of their employees.South Dakota Republican governor signs a bill making it legal for state agencies to discr...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 1W ago

cat goes missing, I fall apart

My cat Emma was last seen by me early Saturday afternoon as she sauntered past me and into the house. Then the dogs showed up and by evening when they were ensconced in the garage, I knew t...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 2W ago

rescuing more dogs

Well, it's happened again. Unowned dumped dogs showed up in the yard. This time it was a brindle with some bulldog or pit bull in her with two puppies in my garage at my back door trying t...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 2W ago

an idle week

I have not recovered my momentum though I have piddled around a bit. Every big task that needs doing outside I don't feel like doing. And well, the weather is not cooperating. Rained like...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 3W ago

finally hit the wall and rain

The husband is back from his week in the Land of Ice and Snow and my week of solitude is at an end. I had to drive through torrential rain a good bit of the way to the airport Sunday to pic...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 3W ago

one woman, one shovel, two yards of dirt

My stab at model making lasted one day. I finally got my yard of the 'magic' caney soil on Sunday and I've been shoveling dirt every day since then. I drove to the pit and watched as the g...
Stuff From Ellen's Head · 4W ago

winter reading list

A stupidly short list...again. I don't seem to be able to read even a 200 page book without incurring a dollar or more in fines. My first excuse is that I have been gobsmacked by the elect...