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Subtropical Gardening · 3M ago

Leaf Casting Water Feature

This is the most awesome water feature I have seen yet!The leaf castings are made of concrete . . . there is no tutorial to go with this photo, but it should not be too difficult to figure o...
Subtropical Gardening · 8M ago

Watering The Garden

Did you know there is a proper way to water your garden?Click here for an informative article about watering your garden from the Old World Farms blog.
Subtropical Gardening · 11M ago

Redesigning Your Garden

Isn't that a beautiful garden?  I found an article that spans several years starting with a yard full of dirt.  The transformation is amazing!Click here to go to the article from the MiaFleu...
Subtropical Gardening · 11M ago

DIY Greenhouses

Greenhouses are awesome.  Back in the late 1990's, JR, my late husband started building a greenhouse for me made out of recycled windows and sheets of thick glass.  Here is a photo . . .He n...
Subtropical Gardening · 11M ago

Trellised Containers for Inspiration

I am so inspired by these photos of large container plantings with trellises for support and I thought I would share it here even though I don't have a photo source.The photo was shared in a...
Subtropical Gardening · 11M ago

DIY Hypertufa Plant Containers

Spring's arrival brought ideas for all types of garden projects.  Hypertufa containers is something I never experimented with, even though I loved my concrete DIY projects.  Since my emphasi...
Subtropical Gardening · 12M ago

DIY Concrete Garden Hands

Love this unusual concrete garden hands container!  I'm always looking for unique containers I can make myself, especially those made with concrete :)Click here for the tutorial.
Subtropical Gardening · 1Y ago

Awesome container gardening idea

Since container gardening is my preferred method of gardening, I'm always looking for new ideas.Garden Lovers Club has an article on container planting that includes a video that includes a ...
Subtropical Gardening · 1Y ago

Crotons - What You Need to Know

Crotons are colorful and showy in the landscape.  They can be grown in containers as in the photo from my garden, or grown as a shrub (great for hedges).  There are various varieties that ca...
Subtropical Gardening · 1Y ago

Make and Use Leaf Mold in Your Garden

Rake them leaves up, store in a large black garbage bag and let sit in a designated area of your yard.  It is that easy to make leaf mold.  My hibiscus and other acid-loving plants loved the...