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Subtropical Gardening · 1W ago

Crotons - What You Need to Know

Crotons are colorful and showy in the landscape.  They can be grown in containers as in the photo from my garden, or grown as a shrub (great for hedges).  There are various varieties that ca...
Subtropical Gardening · 2W ago

Make and Use Leaf Mold in Your Garden

Rake them leaves up, store in a large black garbage bag and let sit in a designated area of your yard.  It is that easy to make leaf mold.  My hibiscus and other acid-loving plants loved the...
Subtropical Gardening · 6M ago

Stump Removal Trick

Neglect has turned our paradise into a forest.  It is in dire need of cutting all those trees down!Stump removal has always been a problem for me.  Since I am very aware of the ecosystem tha...
Subtropical Gardening · 6M ago

Soil For Raised Beds

Do you want to create raised beds in your garden, but not sure what type of soil is appropriate to use?Click here to go to an informative article on soil for raised beds.
Subtropical Gardening · 7M ago

Guide to Pruning

Pruning is a very important step in garden maintenance.Click here to go to an article on what to prune and when.
Subtropical Gardening · 7M ago

Growing Garlic Indoors

If you cook with garlic as much as we do, you may be interested in growing your own.  I've tried before with no success, but I learned of a few things I did wrong from this article about gr...
Subtropical Gardening · 7M ago

Guide to Growing Annuals

When I was a little girl, my dad who was an avid gardener, started me off in gardening by giving me a bed of my own to grow and maintain annuals.  My favorites were zinnias and marigold.  I ...
Subtropical Gardening · 7M ago

How to Make a Log Planter

How cute is this log planter?  I love it!!  We still have a huge log that fell on our outdoor shed that needs to be dealt with.  This is the perfect solution for what to do with it.It would ...
Subtropical Gardening · 7M ago

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

One of my favorite tasks back in my days of serious gardening was feeding the birds and sitting back to enjoy their antics.  In addition to the birdbath fountain with running water, I set up...
Subtropical Gardening · 7M ago

Bamboo Hydroponics - Inspiration

I was so inspired by the photo of bamboo hydroponics that I had to share it.  The photo is for inspiration only, there are no tutorials.Source