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Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1d ago

Across the Mississippi River on My Bike

Even though the weather was a bit rainy (that misty kind of rain that seems harmless until you find yourself soaked), I decided to take the opportunity to ride to REI to pick up a few things...
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1W ago

He's Ready!

It's just four days until I leave for Minneapolis. A couple of days ago I gave Tilmann a bath. Today I dismantled him and packed him in his case. The last time I flew with him I managed to g...
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 4W ago

The Final Gravelpalooza of the Season, and the Perfect Quote for the Day

Today was Joy Ride Bikes' Gravelpalooza 14, the last one of the season. Today would be epic! We would climb to the top of Capital Peak! The views would be spectacular! There would vistas alo...
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1M ago

The Last Day Where We Played Tourist

For the last day we returned to where we had gone the first day--Arches National Park. This time, however, instead of riding bikes, we drove. On the bikes we couldn't go out to any of the ar...
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1M ago

Day 2 of Pretending to be Mountain Bikers

  We had this plan to haul the mountain bikes out to Bar M again for a warm up, then reload the bikes and go up to Deadhorse State Park when it got a wee bit warmer (it is about 10 degrees c...
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1M ago

Part 2--Four Wheeled Adventure

Now for the second part of today. We had decided to do a Jeep Tour. Dan Mick's Jeep Tours got great reviews, so Karen signed us up for the Sunset Tour. Our tour started at 5:30. None of us r...
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1M ago

Part 1--Two Wheeled Adventure

What do most people who ride bikes come to Moab to do? That's right, they come to Mountain Bike. We are no different except one thing--none of us have really done much mountain biking. Oh su...
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1M ago

A Few More Photos From Canyonlands

Here's some more photos that don't have fuzzy spots on them. These are from Gail. Thanks, Gail, for the photos!
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1M ago

What? You Mean I Have to Walk?

Day 3 of our Moab adventure found us leaving Moab for Canyonlands National Park, more specifically, the Needles District. Yes, today we would be hiking. If you know me, walking great distanc...
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring · 1M ago

As Tim's World Says, "It's All Uuuuuuppppphhhhiiiillll!!!"

Today, while Gail and Karen drove out to Deadhorse State Park to run, Cindy and I rode our bikes out there. Suffice it to say, it was ALL UPHILL!!! Seriously, it was! Here's some photos that...