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Surviving Life · 2W ago

Hurricane Harvey

Surviving Life · 4W ago

Why do we hate flags and statues enough to destroy them?

Antietam Memorial Monument in PA courtesy WikipediaWhat’s going on today is really upsetting.  And police are standing by and watching throngs of stirred-up people destroying pieces of our h...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

Entertainment and other things from the desert

Surviving Life · 1M ago

Raven can be very destructive

He chews on us all the time, but he loves to chew on everything and reminds me of a puppy sometimes instead of a cat.  My arm isn’t a bone.  But he seems to think so. The new toy started out...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

Is there such a thing as too much thinking?

My mind has been all over the place lately.  Thinking has to be good, right?  But it can be distracting too.  Some crazy questions come to mind all the time.  Among them are “Why do lizards ...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

Hot, hot, hot here

How much hotter can it get?  All the plants and animals are suffering from this heat.  Our yard is shriveling up before our eyes, even though we water and water some more.  It does little go...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

When rumor becomes reality

Surviving Life · 1M ago

Lots of wildlife and beautiful sunsets in the desert this week

I thought I’d share some nice sights with you this time and not delve into the chaos going on at work right now.  I’m trying to keep a happy mind and stay in a happy place.  I might fill you...
Surviving Life · 2M ago

Smokin’ hot here

We’ve been teased by thunder and cloudy skies the last couple of days but so far not much rain at all.  All the plants are really suffering so I wish we’d have a good old-fashioned downpour....
Surviving Life · 2M ago

Why can’t we just go naked?

 ClipartWouldn’t that be nice in the summer when temps are over a hundred for day and days?  I have to confess that I do go naked around my house on my days off.  Why not?  It seems I’m not ...