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Surviving Life · 2W ago

Reflections on the A to Z Blogging Challenge and other news

I did participate in this year’s challenge although there were times that I wondered if I’d finish.  I wasn’t able to write any posts ahead this year due to my work schedule, so I winged it ...
Surviving Life · 3W ago

Z is for zipper

This photo from WonderopolisThis is something that most of us use every day when we put on clothes to wear.  It’s so fast and easy to wiggle into those jeans, or slip on a skirt and zip it u...
Surviving Life · 4W ago

Y is for the Yucca.

This is common desert plant, although I had them in Texas when I lived there years ago.  I suppose they might grow anywhere.  I remember digging holes to plant them in Texas and pouring ash ...
Surviving Life · 4W ago


When you live in the desert it’s hard to keep anything looking green, especially lawns.  Ours looks pretty bad.  We’d love to have a bit of lawn but have decided to take it out and xeriscape...
Surviving Life · 4W ago

Working - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

When I retired a few years ago I was so busy that I wondered how I ever worked and managed to keep the house clean, do the laundry and cook meals.  There was no time for anything else.  So r...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

V is for Vinegar

As we all know vinegar has been around for years and is used for lots of things.  It also comes in many flavors today and isn’t just plain white vinegar anymore.They say it cleans windows be...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

U is for umbrellas

Somehow when I think of this word Mary Poppins comes to mind.  We have little rain in the desert, so an umbrella isn’t needed often.  When we lived in Oregon, we needed one every time we lef...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

The goat that ate figs

Okay, this is a short story that we made up for the kids after doing a demo for this goat and fig cheese at Costco for three nights in a row.  We were all pretty rummied by the third day and...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

Speaking in public

This is something I hate to do.  I never took speech class in high school for this reason.  When I was asked to give a speech at our graduation from the citizens’ police academy, I didn’t kn...
Surviving Life · 1M ago

R is for rabbits and roadrunners