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Surviving Life · 5h ago

U is for umbrellas

Somehow when I think of this word Mary Poppins comes to mind.  We have little rain in the desert, so an umbrella isn’t needed often.  When we lived in Oregon, we needed one every time we lef...
Surviving Life · 1d ago

The goat that ate figs

Okay, this is a short story that we made up for the kids after doing a demo for this goat and fig cheese at Costco for three nights in a row.  We were all pretty rummied by the third day and...
Surviving Life · 3d ago

Speaking in public

This is something I hate to do.  I never took speech class in high school for this reason.  When I was asked to give a speech at our graduation from the citizens’ police academy, I didn’t kn...
Surviving Life · 4d ago

R is for rabbits and roadrunners

Surviving Life · 5d ago

The Adventures of Quincy O’Quail

Surviving Life · 6d ago


These aren’t just for kids anymore.  Today we have a wide range of puzzles around for our enjoyment.  I think mind games help with dementia and other brain diseases.  It’s so important to ke...
Surviving Life · 1w ago

O is for oils

Surviving Life · 1W ago


Surviving Life · 1W ago

Mind blowing facts

Surviving Life · 1W ago

L is for lizards