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Sweet Americana Sweethearts Sweet & clean romances in North America between 1820s & 1920

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Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 4d ago

Book Review--Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners

Doing research is part of the job for a historical author. To create a rich story world of a time when no one currently alive experienced firsthand, we have to dig into books or we go cruisi...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 5d ago

Ring Tailed Cat

The Ring Tailed CatThis is a new animal to me. I found it interesting that it is also called a miner's cat and they were domesticated as mouse catchers by early pioneers and miners. Isn't he...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 6d ago

Receipts of the 1800s - Part 1

I'm a bit of a book pack rat. The annual Friends of the Library sale in Honolulu, Hawaii, is my crack... errr laudanum. I have more books than I could possibly read in  my lifetime and perha...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago


AN AGE WITHOUT PRINCESSESI'm currently writing a story that takes place earlier than I've ever written before and something hit me. One of my character's might not do so well...because she's...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago

Earliest Women Doctors in the United States?

Post (c) Doris McCraw/writing as Angela RainesHygeia, the Greek goddess of health, carved by Edmonia Lewis c. 1871-1872 for Harriot Hunt's grave, from Wikipedia.orgIn studying the women doct...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago

Blog Tour Tuesday - The Barn by Morgan Dawson

This week’s Blog Tour Tuesday FeaturesThe Barn By Morgan DawsonAbout the Book:**This is a sweet historical romance novella written by a 13 year old author**Can she find forgiveness in her he...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 2W ago


Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 2W ago


My most recent story, Gloria's Song, has a lot to do with music--a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I grew up playing the piano and also the flute.Thanks to my parents, I grew up o...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 2W ago

Bobbins and Boots

by Shanna HatfieldOne series of stories I write is set in Baker City, Oregon, in the 1890s. Each book title contains two somewhat different objects.The first book is titled Crumpets and Cowp...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 2W ago

The Emotional Journey of a Mail Order Bride