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Sweet Americana Sweethearts Sweet & clean romances in North America between 1820s & 1920

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Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 13h ago

New Release! MINDING BENJI by Sandra E. Sinclair

This Blog Tour Tuesday we announce the publication of Book 5 in the series:Minding Benjiby Sandra E. SinclairAbout Minding Benji:
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1d ago

History of Diapers

A Brief History of Diapers.While writing the book Minding Benji, I realized I had to get this baby from New York to Chicago. What do I do about baby paraphernalia? Such as diapers and formul...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 4d ago

Graphology--Victorian Entertainment or Analytical Science?

For my latest novella, Perfectly Mismatched, Book 1 of Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs, I started out to research parlor games from the 1870s-1880s to discover an activity the mail-order brid...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 5d ago

Sarah Thal and Her Life on the Bitter, Windswept North Dakota Plains

by Heather BlantonI love learning about the women who settled America. As a breeder of German Shepherds, I seek out certain characteristics and temperaments to create the best dogs possible....
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 6d ago

A First and A First

Post (c) Angel Raines/Doris McCrawHeadstone of Julia E Lomis,Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, COOn February 24, 1870, six women graduated from the Cleveland Woman’s Homeopathic College ...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1w ago


Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago

Code of the West

Sheriff's Legacy, Preacher Outlaw, Outlaw in Petticoats HERE Code of the WestIn the days of the old west, men lived by an unwritten code, a set of rules that forced them to respect each ot...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago

Good Guys and Outlaws

Let's face it. Life was hard in the Old Western American Frontier. Nobody had it easy. That didn't always bring out the best in people. If a person already had a mean streak, things could ge...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 2W ago

It's Blog Tour Tuesday! Let's talk Mail-Order Brides (and Grooms) Who Are Keeping Secrets!

Get your copy here while it's on sale at Amazon!Ellie Blair wants a story—the one story—that will make her name bigger than Nellie Bly’s.  She’ll do anything to get it. Lie, masquerade as so...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 2W ago

Chief Lucy of the Kaw Nation & Cover Reveal