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Sweet Americana Sweethearts Sweet & clean romances in North America between 1820s & 1920

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Cougars - as in the animal and not older mail order brides intent on finding a younger man.  : )I've always loved animals and like to incorporate them into my stories. In fact, in my newest ...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 4d ago

Postage and Mailing Instruments - later 1800's

Aloha all! This is my first post on Sweet Americana Sweethearts! Thanks for having me!! I think I'm going to 'name' my Wednesday column... but I'm not sure 'what' to name it. Western Women -...
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Today's Blog Tour Tuesday features the book collection: Gunsmoke and Ginghamby five favorite western romance authors 
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Could You Live in the Old West?

I’ve been very busy writing - so today, my post will be short and won’t have much in the way of fun facts or research.  But, it’s something I think will be fun, and I’d love if you could com...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 6d ago

5 Little Known Facts About the Wagon Trains Along The Oregon Trail

As a child, I was fascinated by stories of Indians, wagon trains, cowgirls and cowboys— and although I'm fairly certain I've never admitted this to anyone before— I used to daydream about li...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago

Town life in the 1880s

First, I'd like to say Hello! I'm new to Sweet Americana Sweethearts and I'm happy to be here. I write Christian romance stories based in the American West.Last summer, my family and I visit...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago

The Real Doctors in 1878 Colorado

Post (c) Doris McCraw writing as Angela RainesIn the novel "Josie's Dream", part of the Grandma's Wedding Quilts Series, I mention Alida Avery and Harriett Leonard. Both were actual doctors,...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago

Blog Tour Tuesday: HER GENTLE HEART

Today's Blog Tour Tuesday featuresHer Gentle Heartby: Reina TorresAbout Her Gentle Heart:A snowed in train brought her into his life. His stubborn ways put walls between them. When the snows...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 1W ago

The Smoky Hill Trail

In my studies over the years I have heard of the Oregon-California-Mormon Trail and I have heard of the Santa Fe Trail. I have also heard of the Natchez Trace and the Great King’s Highway a...
Sweet Americana Sweethearts · 2W ago

The Basket Quilt

Although as an author, I have participated in “duets” and “threesomes” in an anthology, I never have been part of a large novella collection before. Being one among the eleven authors in Gra...