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Sweethearts Of The West · 11h ago

The First Boot Hill

Sweethearts Of The West · 4d ago

Memorial Day Reminiscences

On Memorial Day weekend when I was a child in Minnesota, my parents and I often traveled down to Montgomery, a small town about fifty miles southwest of our home in Minneapolis. My mother gr...
Sweethearts Of The West · 6d ago

PAUL BUNYAN: Fact or Fiction? The Answer May Surprise You! by Sarah J. McNeal

Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox Most of us have heard of Paul Bunyan from our childhoods. There was that delightful Disney movie about the giant lumberjack and Babe his blue ox and how the...
Sweethearts Of The West · 1W ago

Grooms with Honor Series by Linda Hubalek

Grooms with Honor...What does the phrase make you think of?Strong men, honorable men, decent characters, always putting their brides first...Little did I know when I added six sons to the pr...
Sweethearts Of The West · 1W ago

Religion in West Texas — Historic Camp — Paisano Baptist Encampment

Religion in West Texas - Historic Camp "These are hallowed grounds. You'll find God here. Come walk with Him."This statement can be found on the Paisano Baptist Encampment's website. I was f...
Sweethearts Of The West · 1W ago

‘Remember Goliad!’

The Alamo wasn’t the only massacre during the Texas Revolution.Presidio la Bahía today. In 1836,the Texians who died there called it Fort Defiance.On March 19 and 20, 1836, two weeks after...
Sweethearts Of The West · 2W ago

Silence by E. Ayers

At the moment, I'm working on a contemporary story that involves a deaf hero. It should have been a simple story, but it evolved into something much larger. So what does contemporary have to...
Sweethearts Of The West · 2W ago


I am CELIA YEARY~~and I write romance stories about heroes.Let's face it, heroes these days have a difficult time staying on their pedestals. Some heroes seem destined to become one, but we,...
Sweethearts Of The West · 2W ago


Most of the time my posts focus on Wyoming, but today I thought we'd take a trip up north to Montana. When I started writing my first historical Western, Home Fires, I turned my sights to on...
Sweethearts Of The West · 2W ago

FORT KEARNY - Army Post along the Oregon Trail

Writing about the historical Old West is in my blood!  Why? Because I was born near the Oregon Trail in Kearney, Nebraska. As a young girl, I became interested in the history of nearby Fort ...