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S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 3W ago

Back in her element

This year Dolphin Dance was launched over a month earlier than normally. A fairly large renovation project was undertaken during the spring, as the teak deck was maintained and sanded, the b...
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 3W ago

New video: Sailing to Isokari lighthouse island

Here is the latest addition to our Archipelago video project: Sailing to Isokari. The island is located in Kustavi in the northern part of Finnish Archipelago next to the open Bothnian Sea...
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 1M ago

Skiing in Lapland

Lapland is perhaps the last wilderness in Europe. We spent one week skiing in Lapland in February, and the weather varied from snowstorm to the beautiful winter sun. Check out this Vlog from...
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 2M ago

Memories of Summer

Here is a new short video: Memories of Summer. Have you already made plans for the coming season? link to the video:
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 3M ago

Sailing on Lake Garda - part 2: Marinas and Harbours

Last September, we travelled to Italy and chartered a boat for a sailing trip on Lake Garda. As mentioned in the earlier blog post, Lago di Garda is a great sailing destination with very ...
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 4M ago

Season 2016 in Thirteen Photos

During the Christmas holiday it is nice to sit back in a comfortable chair and take some time to go through photo archives and video material from the previous seasons. And after spending so...
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 5M ago

Winter ahead!

Sailing season 2016 is officially over for us as Dolphin Dance was lifted out last week. I was a bit worried as the winter set in early this year: the night time temperature dropped to -10 d...
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 6M ago

Sailing on the Lago di Garda

This September we travelled to northern Italy to end the sailing season 2016 on warm waters of Lago di Garda. This was going to be my first lake sailing experience, so at first I was a bit c...
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 7M ago

Birsskär-Konungsskär: Natural harbour in the Archipelago National Park

In mid-August we visited Birsskär-Konungsskär, which is located in the northern part of the Archipelago National park, about three miles south from Korpoström harbour. Birsskär is a popular ...
S/Y Dolphin Dance Sailing blog · 8M ago

Sailing to Kylmäpihlaja Lighthouse Island

On Sunday evening the 17th of July, we hoisted the sails after a couple of days' break and took a course from Kustavi towards north and the Bothnian Sea. The southwesterly wind was favourabl...