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Need A Mid-Week Pickup?

Join Us In Our Weekly 30 Minute Tele-Church Every Thursday Evening At 7:30pm CST. Dial (224) 501-3412 And Enter Code…
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Well kept is your option

God is more than enough to get you though anything. You may not believe that. God is God you understand and we should not think less of Him. believe it
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Do You Want To Go To Hell?

If so, it’s easy and the road is wide! All you have to do is continue living your life as you are now rejecting Jesus (God’s Free Gift Of Salvation).…
Syndication Express · 2W ago

Catch Up Calls With Your Team Are Important

Catch Up Calls With Your Team Are Important They are called different things within different organizations, but a catch up call is a chance to check in with the members of your team and s...
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fact: move it or lose it

Every muscle in the body should be moved every day. As people get older they usually fold in on them selves.The shoulders slump, the head and neck begin to hang down,the back begins to look ...
Syndication Express · 4W ago

12 Communication Guidelines For A Better Marriage.

  1. Be A Ready Listener And Do Not Respond Until Your Spouse Has Finished Talking.…
Syndication Express · 1M ago

Joy is not just getting by

Daniel Boone AKA Spiritblood here talking about Joy. Do you know where to get it when you need it? This is an important element in life for many people. Is joy there for you? Is joy importa...
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I Love French Wine And Food - Another Bandol From Provence

According to the old Farmer's Almanac Sampler, a 1931 essay within maintains how the moon's effect on farm crops and types of conditions is just such a persistent superstition. Buying organi...
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Creating a great front-end for maximum Profits!

Creating a great front-end for maximum Profits! For additional information   Click Here How you can maximize your profit…
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A Quick Test To Evaluate Your Marriage.

  Psalm 26:2 (NASB) says “Examine me, O Lord, and try me; Test my mind and my heart.” BEFORE TAKING THIS QUICK…