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T-Central · 17h ago


The Ever Lovely Mrs J was kind enough to let me borrow some fancy heels.It's just another day in the life of Lynn Jones.  You know....heels, hair, jeans, skirts....the usual.  Love Lynn's po...
T-Central · 18h ago


How I want to live out the rest of my life provided I stay healthy is a question which wi...
T-Central · 1d ago

Creepy Behaviour

So men think I'm cruising them, and women think I'm mentally undressing them or generally...
T-Central · 1w ago

Wobble and more!!

This week Lucy had another wobble and had doubts if she is doing the right thing. These ...
T-Central · 1W ago

Twilight Zone - Nails II

The house was full of remover smell when we got back and as suspected I got that look. I...
T-Central · 1W ago

If the Skirt fits, keep it!

So after two weeks of more serious blog posts it’s back to the flipperdy, flippant world of Jenny nonsense.If the Skirt fits, keep it!   And, if it doesn't...... Read more, from Jenny,
T-Central · 1W ago


A question: do you ever have a passing wish that your nipples were bigger, and had a better shape? By which I mean looking significantly more shapely and protuberant, just as if a host of ...
T-Central · 1W ago

LGBT Privilege?

I distinctly remember the first couple of conversations I had with men. I was naive and shocked when I received a total lack of respect. Privilege then became a very big deal, tipped to t...
T-Central · 1W ago

Past vs Future

Ya know folks, In all this transitioning stuff, I have had to learn something. Make peace with the past and leave it there, or there will be no future.Past vs Future is an emotionally thro...
T-Central · 1W ago

Things Never To Say To a Trans Person

I want to point out that this isn't an article about being politically correct. I am not...