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T-Central · 9h ago

Please Stop and Stare!

Once a long ago, this page here was Anna’s only outlet. Back then she was a proper secret...
T-Central · 13h ago

Crossdressing is an act, not a condition

For some transgender people crossdressing is traumatic. It intensifies their gender dysph...
T-Central · 4d ago

Once removed

A few months ago I talked with a few friends about how I was feeling. There were some new...
T-Central · 6d ago

Subject to debate

We really have to talk about gender, and about what it is not. Most of all, we have to fo...
T-Central · 1W ago

a handy guide if you are trans but can't transition

I loved this piece because it is so positive. It is very much pro-transition but you will...
T-Central · 1W ago

Waiting game

So what's to be done? Kick up the mother of all fusses, of course! I feel that over eight years of this have given me the justification to be very prickly indeed, so it's off on the round ...
T-Central · 1W ago

Reverse Masculinity

So there is more to changing gender than just gender and it’s not about changing who I am...
T-Central · 1W ago

Ladies Who Lunch

T-Central · 2W ago

The Gender Tipping Point

As we transgender women (and cross dressers too) go through life attempting to cross the gender frontier, there comes a point when you can "tip" the gender balance.We haven't visited Cyrst...
T-Central · 2W ago

Things a Phlebotomist Might Say*

A young woman entered the room, introduced herself, and swabbed the crook of my arm with...