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Tales From Twisty Lane · 4d ago


I've been making pumpkins.I ordered a kit from Mary Maxim.Five crochet pumpkins.I've finished two and started the third.Pumpkins, like other squash, are thought to have originated in North A...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 1W ago

To Guide The Uninitiated

I love the Farmer's Almanac.It is fun and informative.I thought I'd share some Victorian era Etiquettealong with more Autumn fun.Be prepared to laugh out loud!To guide the uninitiated, Thoma...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 2W ago

I've Done The Taste Testing

October is here.That means the heat and humidity is coming to an end.And, Pumpkin everything has taken over.I walk early each morning and noticed one of my favorite neighbors had decorated f...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 4W ago

Autumn Days Come Quickly

Autumn days come quickly, like the running of a hound on the moor. –Irish proverb If, in the fall of the leaves in October, many of them wither on the boughs and hang there, it betokens a fr...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 1M ago

If We Would Enjoy Ourselves

From the Farmer's Almanac"If we would enjoy ourselves, we must take the world as it is; mix it up and a thousand spots of sunshine, a cloud here and there, a bright sky, a storm today, calm ...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 1M ago

Bobbing For Apples

The week after Harvey's visit,the Houston Zoo decided to "proceed as scheduled"with their annual Asante member dinner.Believe me,we all needed the break.A lovely break it was.Do you remember...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 1M ago

Fair On September First

Fair on September first,Fair for the month.~ProverbSeptember 1, 2017 I certainly hope that is true.As most of you know,Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast causing massive damage.The ra...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 1M ago

You Are Never Too Old to Blow Bubbles

I've been a little grumpy.First, Trader Joe's discontinued their Wasabi Mayo.I love TJs Wasabi Mayo.Apparently, I may have been the only one who did.But if that is the case, why did they car...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 2M ago


Some of my favorite things from the week:- Fresh onion bagels- New addition to the neighborhood- Sunflowers in my favorite hand-thrown jug- Pretty pink kalanchoe in the atrium- Toad singing ...
Tales From Twisty Lane · 2M ago


I'm still celebrating my May birthday!One of my sisters-by-choice sent me this tea set.I really like the mesh strainer.Handy!The decoration is different on the front and back of the te