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Talking Points Memo · 3h ago

"He Knew What He Signed Up For," Trump Tells Army Widow

A disturbing report out of Florida. This comes from the local ABC affiliate in Miami-Dade … U.S. President Donald Trump told U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow Tuesday that “he knew wha...
Talking Points Memo · 3h ago

President Comments on Alexander-Murray Proposal

Here’s the President’s comment on the Alexander-Murray Obamacare stabilization proposal from his speech this evening at the Heritage Foundation. “And I’m pleased the Democrats have finally r...
Talking Points Memo · 7h ago

Editor's Brief

Here’s my backgrounder (sub req) on the likely fall out of this Obamacare stabilization bill which has been tentatively agreed to in the Senate. It puts Republicans in an awful bind.
Talking Points Memo · 9h ago

It Goes Deeper

Russian trolls used “up to 100” activists in the US to organize events in the US during the 2016 campaign.
Talking Points Memo · 10h ago

He's Poison

The United States has been in a more or less perpetual state of war since the fall of 2001. That’s more than fifteen years. Whether you support or oppose wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and lower ...
Talking Points Memo · 10h ago

More On Russian Trolls Organizing US Activists

We’ve been combing through a huge new report out today from the Russian news agency RBC, whose investigators previously helped TPM identify a Twitter account, @tpartynews, that was run by th...
Talking Points Memo · 14h ago

Is Trump Coming Apart?

A week ago there was a raft of articles suggesting that President Trump was somehow coming undone. Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman had prominent Republicans speculating about the ex-generals h...
Talking Points Memo · 16h ago

Going According To Plan?

Trump cons only himself (sub. req.).
Talking Points Memo · 1d ago


Why did President Trump make up this lie about President Obama not calling the families of bereaved soldiers? It wasn’t just Obama. He seemed to say that previous presidents didn’t do this a...
Talking Points Memo · 1d ago

Editor's Brief

Here are the highlights (sub req) from President Trump’s impromptu press conference with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.